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Algae World MENA

Event Name : Algae World MENA
Event Date : Feb 25-26, 2013
Location : Dubai, UAE
Website :
Contact : Fu Huiyan
Email :
Telephone : +65 6346 9113 | Fax: +65 63469147

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Themed: Does the region have the potential for sustainable microalgae cultivation in this region?

Regional highlights
- Leading developments in Sustainable Algae biojet fuels in Qatar
- Algal biorefinery concept in Saudi Arabia
- Screening and Bio-engineering strains for higher lipid
- Integrating microalgae Co2 mitigation with waste water and produced oil & gas water

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Who Will You Meet
- Algae Producers - Renewable Energy Investors - Biofuel/Ethanol Industry - Heavy Industries - Cement, Steel etc - Power Plants - Distilleries - Venture Capitalists - Institutional Investors - Financial Institutions - Industry players - Oil, Gas Cos - Refineries - Biotech Engineering Cos - Airlines - Government Departments and Agencies - Research Consortiums - Cos in nutritional, health, high value added products - Animal Feed Producers - Aquaculture Industries - Food Science Cos - Technology Providers from Algae cultivation to downstream processing technologies

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For more information and registration:

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