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HydroVision Russia

Event Name
: HydroVision Russia
Event Date: March 5-6, 2013
Moscow, Russia

In a little over three years HydroVision Russia has become one of the leading meeting places for Russian and international hydro power practitioners. Actively supported by RusHydro, Russia’s biggest hydro-generating company and the second biggest in the world in terms of installed capacity, HydroVision Russia is the place to connect with the industry.

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A vital component of Russia’s electric sector, hydroelectric power represents some 20 percent of the country’s power generation. As a result, there exists opportunities for new development and an urgent need to improve the reliability and efficiency of existing plants.

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HydroVision Russia addresses these issues by bringing together professionals from the Russian and International hydroelectric power industry to share ideas, understand problems and develop practical solutions to industry challenges now and in the future.

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Over two days, the dual language conference programme will bring together industry professionals from Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Iran, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the United States to share information and expertise on a wide range of topics.

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With an even bigger exhibition floor than before, HydroVision Russia represents a unique opportunity to interact with leading service and product suppliers in Russia and throughout the world.

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So join us at HydroVision Russia 2013, at the hydro power event where the industry connects.

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