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4th North Africa & Middle East Solar Conference and Expo

Marketing Manager: Raj Kapadia
Conference Organiser: Max Crompton
Event Name: 4th North Africa & Middle East Solar Conference and Expo
Event Date: May 14th-15th
Abu Dhabi

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Background to why we are organising this conference:

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Abu Dhabi has set a 7 per cent target and hosts the low-carbon, experimental Masdar City, and has implemented plans for a series of utility scale solar projects; Qatar has said it could construct up to 5GW of solar by the end of the decade, while Oman has established a tender for a 250MW solar plant, and Dubai is about to do the same.

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Multifaceted renewable energy company Masdar, together with Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (Adwea), have jointly installed photovoltaic (PV) solar rooftop on 11 government and private buildings in Abu Dhabi, including the Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Mosque (55 kW), Crown Prince Court (300 kW), Al Mamoura (210 kW), Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (1MW), Abu Dhabi Municipality (100 kW), Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (125 kW), Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (100 kW), Armed Officer's Club (100 kW), Al Ameen School (50 kW), Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technology (300 kW), and a private villa (15kW).

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The 2.3 MW of PV panels on the rooftops will generate 4.025 GWh/year of electricity, saving around 3,220 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The objective of the pilot project is to support renewable energy efforts within the UAE, investigate and prove the potential for building integrated PV installations to help meet the Abu Dhabi's future electricity demands.

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Shams 1 will be one of the largest concentrated solar power plants in the world, extending over an area of 2.5 km², with a capacity of approximately 100 MW and a solar field consisting of 768 parabolic trough collectors. Construction began during Q3 2010 and is expected to be completed in approximately two years.

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According to Nicolai Dobrott from Apricum in Germany, Saudi Arabia has the biggest solar potential in the region – he indicated a 3.5GW market by 2015 – followed by UAE. Saudi Arabia is expected to unveil a renewable energy law before the end of the year, which should provide clarity on how the Kingdom intends to incorporate solar into the country’s energy mix.

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MENA Solar evolution: Seize new opportunities & establish critical foundations to accelerate the success of MENASOLAR

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  • Regulatory frameworks revealed: Get a country by country guide to the ever changing MENA solar landscape & maximize government support mechanisms in 2012
  • CSP Technology roadmap: Trough or tower? Dispatchable power? Cost out your CSP options & accelerate your projects success
  • PV technology roadmap: Adaptable thin film, reliable crystalline silicon, or scalable CPV? Choose the right technology for desert conditions & variability to get the best ROI
  • Fix your finances: Get the lowdown on North Africa and the Middle East funding options & discover the steps you need to take to get the critical cash
  • Opportunities in unconventional applications: From oil conversion, ISCC & desalination to industrial processes & more, get unique case studies on the emerging market opportunities that will secure MENA SOLAR future
  • MENA Solar – The power trade off: Get the reality on both the import of solar know how from Europe & the export of power from MENA to understand how to meet demands on
    both sides of the MED

USP for this event in CO’s own words (why would an attendee visit this show above anything else?)

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This is the only show in the space that covers EVERYTHING solar. Not just focussed on CSP, but an equally sized look at PV. The biggest players from each technology side of the solar spectrum will be coming together to plan the future for MENA-SOLAR.

Who is the conference for? (i.e. Target Audience, Who would attend? Why would they attend?)

It’s for any string of the supply chain with an interest in solar in the MENA region. This community is one of the biggest, as it spans across every technology available in the solar industry, (CSP, CPV, CSi, TF) and stretches across many different countries. In the North African Region, Morocco has displayed the most amount of potential, and there are also signs of development from Algeria and Egypt. Holding the event in the Middle East will attract solar stakeholders from Saudi Arabia (that shows the most potential in the region), Abu Dhabi (strong following for solar, particularly with Masdar), Abu Dhabi, Oman, Jordan and Qatar. The main delegates will consist of developers and EPC’s looking to get new projects in the region up off the ground and running. From the sponsor side of things, EPC’s will also play a big role, as well as Manufacturers/Suppliers and technology providers.

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