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Banana waste harnessed to create plastic

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast are developing techniques to use banana plant waste to produce plastic


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Natural gas provider buys vehicle upfitter

Nasdaq-listed Clean Energy Fuels Corporation expects its $8.3 million acquisition of BAF Technologies to boost its business in the light-duty fleet and put it in a good position for a potential boom in the natural gas vehicle market in the United States


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Battery manufacturer delivers energy storage device to university

ZBB Energy Corporation has delivered a 50 kilowatt-hour advanced electrical energy storage device to Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility in Oregon, as part of its contract with Oregon State University


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Waste recycling center reopened in Massachusetts

Following a multi-million dollar renovation, a Vermont-based solid waste management company has just reopened its state-of-the-art recycling center in Charleston, Massachusetts


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Dairy farm to provide 750 kW of electricity from cow manure

Manure from some 15,000 cows in a dairy farm in Skagit County, Washington will be used to produce up to 750 kilowatts of electricity enough to meet the needs of 500 local homes and businesses


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Hong Kong delegation learns new waste incineration technology

A delegation led by Edward Yau, environment secretary, returned to Hong Kong on Thursday armed with new knowledge on advanced waste and sludge incineration techniques from Japan


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U.N. school calls for harmonized e-waste policy

Experts at the United Nations University are urging the standardization of policies on the reuse and recycling of electronic products to stem illegal and harmful e-waste processing practices in developing countries


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Breakthrough technology produces electricity from used motor oil

Phoenix Power Group has started developing a revolutionary power generator capable of producing renewable electricity from waste oil


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Study quantifies benefits of automotive recycling, says 3 million tons of coal saved

A new study quantifying the benefits of automotive reuse and recycling has been released by the US-based United Recyclers Group (URG). The study, which was prepared by the University of Colorado, looked at the reuse of some common car parts such as fenders and aluminium


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ComEd seeks ICC approval for US $ 175 million in federal fund for smart grid

Utility company Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) yesterday submitted a petition to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) for a federal grant intended to fund half of their planned US $350 million smart grid pilot project. Earlier this summer, ComEd filed a one-year advanced metering


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