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U.S. sets record: 56 billion aluminum cans recycled in 2010

Aluminum beverage can recycling in the United States reached a milestone last year as the recycling rate for the sector peaked at 58.1 percent in 2010. Figures released by the Aluminum Association, Can Manufacturers Institute, and Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries reported that almost 56 billion aluminum cans were recycled in 2010, the highest in 11 years.


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Largest wind farm energy storage system to be placed in Texas

Duke Energy Corporation and Xtreme Power will build the world’s largest power-storage system as back-up for a wind farm in Texas. Austin-based startup Xtreme Power will put a 36-megawatt energy storage system as back-up for Duke Energy’s 153-MW wind installation in Notrees. The system will store power that’s generated when demand is low, but that can be tapped when electricity consumption is highest – or when winds are not blowing.


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Battery-changing concept for E.V.’s pitched for China

Experiment in Japan addressing the problem of keeping E.V.’s charged could be done in Beijing


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Nicaragua’s second geothermal project gets multilateral support

I.D.B. extends $40 million loan to develop the San Jacinto-Tizate geothermal power plant


Sion Power gains federal grant for promising battery technology

Sion Power receives $ 800,000 research grant to enhance lithium sulfur batteries for electric vehicles


G.E. pours money into Indonesia’s steamy projects

G.E.’s energy financial arm puts up $ 50 million for Indonesia’s biggest geothermal power plant


Total and M.I.T. devote $ 4 million for storage solutions

Total partners with M.I.T. to develop new stationary batteries for solar power storage


Nevada Geothermal Power obtains $ 3.4 million federal funding

Nevada Geothermal Power receives $ 3.4 million grant for two projects in Oregon and Nevada


Solar company acquires lithium-ion battery producer

Panjit Group, a Taiwan-based technology company with a solar subsidiary, has acquired a company which supplies specialty lithium-ion battery modules, a move that bolsters Panjit’s position in the renewable energy sector


Geothermal project applies for federal grant

Nevada Geothermal Power’s subsidiary, NGP Blue Mountain 1, has applied for a $57.9 million cash grant from the stimulus fund for its Faulkner 1 geothermal power plant project


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