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Smart Grid

AlertMe's smart grid device makes British debut

The AlertMe Energy is a smart grid home solution compatible with Google and British Gas


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British Gas to begin smart grid rollout

British Gas to use Trilliant’s software to start its smart metering activities


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Oklahoma utility eyes $ 130 million in smart grid backing

OG&E will receive $ 130 million in stimulus funding for its smart grid program


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$ 200 million smart grid funding goes to FPL

The FPL Group received $ 200 million in federal funding that bolsters its own $ 378 million investment in a smart grid project in Florida


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Obama injects smart grid with $ 3.4 billion funding jolt

As if in response to the battering being taken by the draft climate bill in the United States Senate, President Barack Obama unveiled on Tuesday a $ 3.4 billion investment for energy grid modernization, the largest single investment of its kind in the country’s history


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Oklahoma utility continues smart grid rollout

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OG&E) has handpicked the Structure Group to help deploy its smart grid technology in Norman, Oklahoma


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Australia's grid first to embrace 4G

SP AusNet, one of Australia’s largest utilities, will be the first in the world to implement a smart grid based on fourth-generation wireless technology to secure the energy needs of roughly 700,000 households


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U.S. utilities to improve smart grids in summit

With smart grids considered as the centerpiece of the United States’ new national energy policy and crucial to climate change mitigation, leading electric utilities in the country will stage a summit to determine how to implement a more stable grid


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Australian wind farms boosted up with smart grid devices

Australian companies have ordered smart grid devices from American Superconductor Corporation to help two wind farms meet grid connection requirements


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Polish utility pioneers smart grid in Warsaw

Polska Gupa Energetyczna, the largest utility in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe, has chosen PCN Technology for its smart grid pilot launch in Warsaw


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