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Smart Grid

G.E., Google developing data mapping platform for utilities

G.E. and Google have announced a new agreement by which Google Maps data will be integrated into G.E.’s Smallworld electrical, telecommunications and gas applications.

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“Millions of people are already familiar with Google Maps as seen on their computer screens in the office or on mobile devices in the field. Now we’re able to bring that familiarity to our Smallworld products so that customers can use a platform that’s completely customized for their assets and networks,” said Bryan Friehauf, product line leader of software solutions for G.E.’s digital energy business.

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This combined solution will enhance the existing network visualization capabilities and allow utility customers to receive incremental efficiency and productivity data from their operations in the field.

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By improving the ability to visualize this data on a map, utility customers will be able to quickly provide their end-use customers with important information such as outage restoration times which can help them to manage their network assets more efficiently.

Aside from Smallworld products, G.E.’s Distribution Management Systems and Outage Management Systems, smart grid solutions that allow for better operational control of electricity networks, will also utilize Google’s mapping content.

The geospatial applications G.E. developed for use with Google Maps can be adapted for web, mobile and desktop use. G.E. will also utilize Google’s Android platform to augment the existing portfolio of applications for mobile products. – EcoSeed Staff

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