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Smart Grid

DNV to open research center dedicated to smart grids

DNV, a Norway-based independent foundation, is set to open the world’s first research center dedicated to smart grids and super grids.

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The Strategic Research Unit, located at DNV KEMA’s global headquarters in Arnhem, the Netherlands, will focus on developing smart grid and super grid solutions, which are key elements and a prerequisite to integrate large-scale renewable energy into the energy structure.

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“As the world prepares for an energy transition towards the low carbon economy, the share of renewables in the fuel mix is expected to grow strongly over the next decades. Smart grids and super grids are essential for the further development of our future energy system,” said DNV.

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Last November, energy consultancy arm DNV KEMA has unveiled a €70 million (93.64 million) investment to expand its High-Power Laboratory to build the first laboratory in the world in the extreme testing segment for the upcoming market for super grids.

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According to Bjørn Haugland, Chief Technology Officer of DNV and member of the Supervisory Board of DNV KEMA, there is a global need for additional capacity and modernization of electricity infrastructure in order to match the increasing electricity demand.

“By opening up a strategic research unit for smart grids and super grids in Arnhem, DNV is preparing the practices and tools we need to meet the growing demand as well as facilitate the integration of large-scale renewable energy to the grids,” he said.

The opening of the research center was announced on January 17 during the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, which is regarded as one of the world’s most important energy conventions. – EcoSeed Staff

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