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Smart Grid

IBM, Vodafone develop platform for smart home energy management

IBM and telco Vodafone are collaborating in a smarter home initiative to develop mobile management platforms for home appliances.

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The two companies have combined mobile communications and cloud computing in a platform their calling Machine-to-Machine or M2M technology. This technology connects more appliances wirelessly to the internet.

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The M2M initiative could allow smartphone users to remotely control the energy use of their home and appliances, using it to monitor their home’s utility consumption as well as activate or deactivate home appliances and control security, heating and lighting systems.

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The M2M initiative will also allow manufacturers and service providers to collect data from appliances which can then be used in product development and maintenance to provide better service.

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The initiative combines IBM’s SmartCloud Service Delivery platform and Vodafone’s Global M2M platform. The IBM platform provides a way to manage appliances and introduce related services, while Vodafone’s platform connects the appliances wirelessly to the internet to allow the user to control them remotely.

"The smart home market is now a reality and Vodafone is committed to delivering to it,” said Marc Tastayre, Vodafone M2M Global Business Development Manager.

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest mobile communications company with over 406 million customers.

"This collaboration is a great example of how cloud computing can be used for business innovation versus solely for IT efficiency purposes,” said IBM Telecommunications Industry General Manager Scott Stainken. – EcoSeed Staff

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