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Smart Grid

Innovation, ‘commitment’ to fuel smart grid in Asia – report

Asia’s steps toward integrating renewable energy into grids and the region’s innovations in energy storage technologies – especially advanced battery solutions and systems – will fuel the smart grid market in Asia, according to a report.

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The smart grid market in Asia is poised to grow according to Zpryme due to the drive to build improved electricity structures in India and China by 2015, paired with growing investor interest in power storage, which has the potential to use power generation capacities with more efficiency and less cost.

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The potential is seen in both India and China due to increased deployment of wind and other renewable energy – even non-renewable energy sources like coal-fired thermal plants – but Japan is seen to have the largest market in the short term, with a target of 15 percent storage in the grid compared to only over 2 percent in the U.S.

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New tariffs in the country will increase renewable energy capacity from 19,500 megawatts to 22,000 MW in just nine months, Japan’s government estimates. The projected increase in energy targets by2020 will warrant the need for more than 25 gigawatts of storage will be needed for every 100 gigawatt-hours of energy emitted.

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“When it comes to the integration of renewable energy into the grid, Asia has solidified its commitment to walk the walk, not talk the talk,” said Paula Smith, Zpryme Senior Research Analyst. “Entities who have been wishy-washy about whether the Smart Grid future would come true need to wake up very, very quickly (there’s no time to waste) and accept the notion that it has become a reality.”

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Side by side with commitment is innovation, especially in energy storage technologies. Pumped-hydro and compressed-air power storage technologies are currently available for large-scale applications, but a couple of others like advanced battery systems, superconductor magnetic energy storage, and flywheel energy storage are now under development for larger uses.

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Others like Conductive Textile Batteries and Capacitors (e-textile), Piezoelectric devices, Molten Salt Storage, Regenerative Braking, Nonocables, Nickel-Zinc technology, Hydrino Theory, Spray Batteries, and the re-using of EV batteries for energy storage are also showing promise, but need more exploration, research and development work.

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Meanwhile, the mainstream grid storage chemistries available today are expected to have system costs less than $450/kWh by 2022, and would reach commercial scale and penetrate the market by then. – EcoSeed Staff

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