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PROFILE: Australia’s Solar Cities Project reports latest quarterly progress

Australia’s largest roof-mounted photovoltaic system installed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs through the Alice Solar City was awarded last week with the Appropriate Technology Retailers Association of Australia Industry Award. Photo from

Australia’s Solar Cities Project is a 94-million-dollar (Australian, US $78.69 million) government initiative which aims to trial new sustainable methods of electricity generation in seven cities across the country. The program, which is implemented by the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, includes Adelaide, Blacktown, Townsville, Alice Springs, Central Victoria, Moreland and Perth.

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Since 2005 when the Environment department first accepted applications from cities that expressed interest on the trial program, and since trimming down the list to 11 prospective host cities that were invited to submit their business cases, the program has installed photovoltaic (PV) systems that have generated more than 300 kilowatts (kW) of power. This month, through the project’s quarterly newsletter “Solarise,” the government announced another 300-plus kilowatts to be constructed, installed and commissioned.

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Two 300-kW solar parks have begun construction in Ballarat Airport for the Central Victoria Solar City last month. More than 150 households from the area are set to benefit from the project. Solar parks proved to be the better option for the area since some of the houses and apartments would not be fit for rooftop installations.

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In Adelaide Solar City, a 15-kW photovoltaic system capable of generating 20,700 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually has been commissioned for the Playford Aquadome last June. Three projects have previously been completed for the Adelaide Central Bus Station, the Golden Grove Recreation Centre and the Salisbury Sustainability Precinct’s Watershed. Another set of three projects have been announced for the Detroit Diesel Building, Rundle Lantern and the Adelaide Central Market.

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A photovoltaic array at 11 kW was recently installed at the Magnetic Island Golf Club of Townsville, Queensland Solar City. The latest installation is the largest for the island, bringing total capacity for the Magnetic Island Solar Suburb at 130 kW.

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Australia’s largest roof-mounted photovoltaic system installed on the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Alice Springs through the Alice Solar City was awarded last week with the Appropriate Technology Retailers Association of Australia Industry Award. The 305-kW installation composed of 1,320 PV panels was recognized for “Innovation in Power System Design and Installation.”

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Meanwhile, the solar city projects in Moreland and Perth are lined up. The Moreland Solar City is due for launch late this year. At least 10% of the Moreland population has committed to reduce their emissions by 20% by 2020 through the solar city’s Zero Carbon Moreland initiative. For Perth, the country’s latest solar city, 13.9 million Australian dollars was granted by the Commonwealth in August last year. At least 60,000 homes are expected to benefit from the project which will also result to carbon reductions of up to 15,000 tonnes.

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