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SC Johnson increases renewable energy use with wind turbine installations in Wisconsin

SC Johnson increases renewable energy use with wind turbine installations in Wisconsin
Wind turbines at SC Johnson’s Waxdale facility. Photo from SC Johnson

SC Johnson, a household cleaning products manufacturer, has begun operation of two wind turbines at their manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.

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The company’s Waxdale facility is their largest manufacturing facility. With the addition of the two operating turbines to existing cogeneration turbines, the facility is now able to produce 100 percent of its energy on-site.

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“SC Johnson has been making green choices for our products and operations for decades. Our work toward reducing the company’s dependence on fossil fuels at Waxdale is an important step,” said Fisk Johnson, chairman and chief executive officer of SC Johnson.

Currently, 85 percent of Waxdales energy is already being produced on-site by the by the cogeneration systems which use waste methane gas from a nearby landfill as well as natural gas.

The new wind turbines will produce about eight million kilowatt hours of clean electricity annually or enough for 700 homes. This will answer for the remaining 15 percent of the facilities energy needs.

By producing energy on-site using the turbines and the cogeneration systems, SC Johnson will reduce the total carbon emissions associated with powering Waxdale by 6,000 metric tons annually.

The project is also the largest onsite, company-owned wind turbine manufacturing project in the Midwest.

SC Johnson is a family-owned manufacturer of household cleaning products and products for home, storage, air care and insect control. This includes brands such as Glade, Kiwi, Off, Pledge, Raid, Windex and Ziploc. The company has set a goal to increase renewable energy use in their worldwide operations to 44 percent by 2016.

Aside from the wind turbines at Waxdale, they also have turbines in their European manufacturing facility, their Racine, Wisconsin headquarters and their Lowell, Arkansas sales office. In Bay City, Michigan, offsite wind power provides half the power for their plant activities and in Medan, Indonesia another plant uses waste palm shells in the place of fossil fuels. Another factory in Surabaya, Indonesia uses rice husks rather than diesel fuel to heat water used in production.

They also have several solar water heating projects for the need of their facility in Shanghai, China. – K. Jalbuena

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