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Puma unveils ‘eco-friendly’ product line

Sportswear company Puma has introduced its new line of “eco-friendly” merchandise in a bid to bring out the concept of sustainability in its products.

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Likewise, it released details from its Environmental Profit and Loss analysis which looks into the environmental impacts of its two products from the new environmental line in comparison with its conventional products.

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The InCycle collection, which includes biodegradable shoes and shirts and recyclable plastic track jackets and backpacks, will go on sale by next year. It is said to be the company’s first move aimed at addressing the end-of-life environmental impacts of its products, considering the costs of their greenhouse gases, air pollution, waste, land and water use.

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For its biodegradable shoes, the Puma InCycle Basket delivers 35 percent less environmental cost in terms of greenhouse gas emissions compared with the conventional Puma pair of shoes.

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“At the end of its life, the Puma InCycle Basket is 100 percent compostable while the traditional Puma Suede will likely be disposed of in landfills or incinerated, furthering its environmental footprint,” the company said, comparing its products.

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Meanwhile, water used during the production, usage and disposal of the Puma InCycle Basket has an environmental cost that is 21 percent less than the Puma Suede’s, it added.

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Significantly, it only generates one-third of the environmental cost of waste by the Puma Suede. This means that only 12 waste trucks will be needed to dispose waste from 100,000 pairs of biodegradable sneakers until they are brought to a composting system. Normally, 31 trucks are required to clear waste from conventional shoes.

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The Puma InCycle T-shirt, on the other hand, produces 22 percent less greenhouse gas emissions. According to Puma, this is mainly because of the use of organic cotton for T-shirts, instead of conventional cotton from conventional tees.

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“Conventional cotton is grown using synthetic fertilizers and greenhouse gases arise during the manufacturing and usage of synthetic fertilizers,” Puma said.

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Just like the InCycle Basket, the InCycle shirt is 100 percent compostable.

The biodegradable shirt comes in natural colors, eliminating waste that is supposedly generated during the dyeing process, including packaging and chemical residues. This delivers 36 percent less environmental cost from waste than the traditional shirt.

“Just as the calorie and nutrition information table on your cereal box helps you compare the dietary impacts of one breakfast choice to another, our new Puma Product [Environmental Profit and Loss analysis] helps you to judge whether one shoe or shirt is more environmentally-friendly than another,” said Puma’s chairman Jochen Zeitz.

“Our job is not only to lessen the impact our products have on the environment, but also to engage our customers and help them make better and more sustainable choices for the benefit of our planet,” he added.

"By putting a value on even one product's environmental impacts, it brings into sharp focus the debates over commodity pricing, natural resource security and supply. Even as an emerging methodology, it challenges conventional business thinking – and consumers’ views – on how we measure and monitor the embedded environmental value and impacts of what we buy," said Alan McGill from PwC, Puma’s consultancy firm partner. – Catherine Dominguez

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