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Bloomberg earns WindMade label, uses 58 percent wind power

Bloomberg’s operations in the United States now run on 58 percent wind power, making it the first news organization in the world to earn a WindMade certification label.

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The WindMade label is a green certification scheme backed by the United Nations Global Compact, the Global Wind Energy Council and the World Wide Fund for Nature. The label can be earned by entities that have obtained at least 25 percent of their power from wind energy.

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“Not only does the label demonstrate our commitment to renewable energy, it provides consumers with the choice to favor companies and products using wind power,” said Curtis Ravenel, Bloomberg’s global head of sustainability.

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Bloomberg, along with global brands Motorola Mobility and Deutsche Bank, among others, originally signed up to commit to the WindMade label in November of last year (see related story).

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“We are delighted for Bloomberg. By committing to renewable energy and using the WindMade Label, Bloomberg has set a great example that will inspire companies and consumers all over the world,” said Henrik Kuffner, chief executive of WindMade.

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Aside from wind power, Bloomberg’s U.S. operations source a further 25 percent of their energy from renewables, through biomass energy.

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The WindMade label was created to allow companies to communicate their commitment to renewable energy, providing consumers with an easy way to make a choice in favor of companies and products that use and support wind power.

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Companies committed to the WindMade label can meet their wind energy share commitment in three ways – through a company-owned wind power facility; a long term-power purchase agreement for wind power; or the procurement of renewable energy certificates approved by WindMade. – EcoSeed Staff

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