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Low-Carbon Biz

FedEx and a sustainable shipping business model

Four years ago shipping company giant FedEx made a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions from its FedEx Express aircraft and to further the fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleet by 20 percent by 2020.

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Now, with the recent release of its Global Citizenship Report, the company said it is “well on its way” to achieving this ambitious goal. FedEx has reduced its aircraft emissions intensity by 13.1 percent and advanced its vehicle fuel efficiency by 16.6 percent during the fiscal year 2011.

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Significantly, its aircraft emissions target soars by 50 percent to a 30 percent emissions intensity reduction in all its global aircrafts, apart from its original 2020 benchmark date.

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FedEx would not make this success if not for its mantras – the Fuel Sense initiative that helps conserve jet fuel and the “Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize,” approach to network management.

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This approach include the deployment of all-electric commercial vehicles across the globe that so far conserved 345,000 gallons of fuel and its on-going recycling efforts that already collected about 47.9 million pounds of recyclable waste in 2011.

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Despite the milestones it has achieved, FedEx believes that it doesn’t end here, renewing its commitment with an aim to source at least 30 percent of its jet fuel renewable sources by 2030.

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By 2015, the global shipper wants to have all its less-efficient 727 aircrafts replaced with more fuel-efficient and greater payload 757 new aircrafts. It also has plans to introduce new Boeing 767 aircraft into its fleet by 2013 that will further add to its ability to meet newly-revised aircraft emissions intensity reduction target.

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“We have been constantly on the lookout for those solutions that make sense for the future. There’s not a single solution, there’s a series of solutions,” Mitch Jackson, FedEx’s vice president for environmental affairs and sustainability told GreenBiz.

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