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Unilever and DHL partner for sustainable business practices

Would it be nice to know that the world’s largest global brands are not only leaders of industry but are also taking the lead in espousing environmental responsibility?

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Consumer goods company Unilever and logistics group DHL extended their partnership in a program aimed at accelerating their adoption of sustainable business models and technologies.

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The two companies will develop a Joint Business Development Plan which is a key component of Unilever’s “Partner to Win” program which seeks a closer working relationship between the company and its suppliers to ensure they uphold sustainable practices.

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Clear-cut details regarding the partnership have yet to be disclosed, but multimedia platform Climate Action reported that these are more likely to focus on developing a blueprint for sustainable warehouse designs, methods to measure supply chain emissions and strategies to reduce waste levels and increase recycle rates.

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A collaborative effort on emerging green transport technologies such as alternative fuel vehicles is also being considered by the two companies.

The collaboration will help ensure that the two global brands deliver on their respective pledges to help address climate change – Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan and DHL’s GOGREEN initiative.

Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, aims to double the size of its business while halving the environmental impact of its products by 2020. Meanwhile, through the GOGREEN program, DHL aims to protect the environment by optimizing the carbon efficiency of operations and offer green shipping solutions to their customers.

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