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Green Transportation

Growth Energy to provide ethanol station locator

United States-based ethanol advocate Growth Energy will be launching a mapping feature and smart phone application to enable drivers to easily locate nearby ethanol pumps. The application will cater to drivers of “Flex Fuel” vehicles which use a blend of gasoline and ethanol for lower-emission driving.


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Ferrari to sell hybrid ‘supercar’

Sports car manufacturer Ferrari S.p.A. will be releasing a limited edition hybrid electric “supercar,” the F70, which is also touted as the company's most powerful and most expensive model. A report from Bloomberg Businessweek says the vehicle might surpass the $850,000 limited edition Enzo, the eighth most expensive Ferrari, in terms of price, and is seen as successor to the line.


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Nissan develops vehicle-to-house system for Leaf

After months of development Nissan Motor Company will be launching a vehicle-to-house power supply system in tandem with its EV Power Station charging system. The power transfer system enables electricity stored in the electric vehicle’s high-capacity lithium-ion batteries to be sent to a typical home by connecting the vehicle to the house’s electricity distribution panel.


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West Coast Electric Highway installs E.V. chargers on Interstate 5

The Washington State Department of Transportation and electric transportation technology provider AeroVironment have added ten new public charging stations along the route of the West Coast Electric Highway. A tri-state network of electric vehicle charging stations, the West Coast Electric Highway is to stretch 1,300 miles from California to Canada.


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Smart transportation systems to see increase in investment, public adoption in next few years– Pike

A total of $13.1 billion will be invested globally in smart transportation systems from 2011 to 2017, despite reduced spending on public infrastructure, according to a report from Pike Research. “Even as governments seek to reduce their debt, [intelligent transportation systems] will not see significant cutbacks and will, in fact, benefit as transportation agencies seek to optimize their existing infrastructure, rather than fund major new capital projects,” says Pike senior analyst Lisa Jerram.


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First customers getting Tesla Model S units in late June

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors will start delivering their electric sedan for the high-end market, the Model S, on June 22 this year, earlier than the July timeframe previously announced. The customers will be receiving their orders at an invitation-only event at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California. "In 2006 our plan was to build an electric sports car followed by an electric sedan, and reduce our dependence on oil," said Elon Musk, Tesla Motors chief executive and chief product architect. "Delivering Model S is a key part of that plan."

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Beijing sets new fuel standards to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions

Beijing will introduce new fuel standards on May 31 to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from 50 to 10 milligrams per kilo. According to a report in China Daily, these new fuel standards are nearly on par with the European Union's Euro V fuel standards, said to be among the strictest in the world.

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FedEx Express continues to pursue fuel efficiency in vehicle fleet

Twenty percent of FedEx Express pickup and delivery fleet are now fuel efficient and clean emission vehicles in accordance with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 diesel emission standards. The transformation of their fleet is in line with the company’s goal to make its vehicle fleet 20 percent more fuel efficient by 2020. 


Toyota-Tesla partnership creates first all-electric RAV4

Toyota has unveiled the all-electric version of its crossover sports utility vehicle, the RAV4, at the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles. The vehicle is the first product to come out of the automaker’s collaborative partnership with electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, which started in May 2010. Tesla supplied the RAV4 EV’s battery, which they designed and produced themselves, and its electric powertrain.


More efficient, smaller cars favored over hybrids – survey

A majority of Americans are ready for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles but they are sharply divided on whether a hybrid car or truck will be worth the extra cost, according to a survey conducted by Yahoo! Autos. Some 49 percent of the respondents said they would either buy a smaller car or had already done so; another 9 percent said they'd do it if gas hit $4 a gallon.


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