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Green Transportation

I.E.A. report says fuel efficiency efforts still promising

The International Energy Agency released a 40-year roadmap toward improving the fuel efficiency of road vehicles by 50 percent through “the right policies and technology,” aiming to save as much as four-fifths of current annual global oil consumption. The agency says there is massive potential for fuel efficiency improvements that could reduce demand for transport fuel, which accounts for a fifth of global final...

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More Asian countries to follow China in EV race

China has emerged as the world’s largest automotive market according to Pike Research. The country is positioned to become a “significant exporter” of EV’s in the next years. A report from CNET says China wants to be “in the driver’s seat” for electric vehicles, and citizens there look at producing EV’s as a prestige and hallmark of most developed countries. But China is not the only country in Asia making the push...

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Better Place opens charging station for electric taxis in Amsterdam Airport

The Better Place Consortium announced that they will be advancing their electric vehicle network solution by way of the launch of a marque E.V. taxi project at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The project consortium, “Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles,” was awarded last year as the first decarbonization infrastructure project co-financed by the European Union’s TEN-T program.

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India to boost electric vehicles with $4.1 billion investment

India, in a move to cut emissions from its land transportation sector, has affirmed plans to boost electric vehicles in the whole of the country over the next eight years. The Indian Central ministers, at the National Electric Mobility 2020 meeting, approved a grand investment of 225 billion rupees ($4.1 billion) to bolster hybrid and pure EV’s, with an aim to power up 6 million green vehicles on its road by 2020.


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Low “fuel costs” lower total cost of ownership of E.V.’s – Pike

The lower “fuel cost” or cost of charging of electric vehicles gives it a lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles, according to Pike Research. Of the 17 vehicles tested in the study, battery electric vehicles proved to be the least costly overall in terms of total cost of ownership – also taking into account the federal tax credit available for electric vehicle purchases.

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Ecotality to offer free car charging in three U.S. cities

Electric vehicle service provider Ecotality announced that they will offer their smart charging services for free for the residents of the greater metropolitan areas of Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia. The announcement is part of the company’s expansion of The EV Project, a public-private partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy.


Ford introducing C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid by fall

This fall, Ford is making its first production plug-in hybrid – the C-Max Energi – available to American drivers. The Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid has a total range of 550 miles, including more than 20 miles in electric-only mode. To be available in America for $29,995 after a federal tax credit, Ford claims the C-Max Energi will be the country’s most affordable plug-in hybrid.


Micro-EV concept being tested in Singapore

What’s the best way to go electric in regions like Southeast Asia? The answer – go small. The National University of Singapore and Toyota Tsusho Asia Pacific Ltd. will be looking at the durability, performance and economical value of the single-seater EV concept in tropical climatic conditions for short distance travelling. The collaborative study intends to come up with a sustainable vehicle-sharing scheme that might surmount the last mile and environmental concerns for future city mobility.


Electric vehicle chargers go wireless

As part of the Apollo Launch Program, the first wireless electric vehicle trial in the world, three Plugless Power wireless electric vehicle charging technology devices were put into play in three sites in the Unites States. Plugless Power, developed by Evatran, is a wireless EV charging system based on electromagnetic induction. The Apollo Launch Program, which kicked off in early 2012, is a product trial in which five commercial participants will outfit their Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf models to work with the Plugless Power wireless charging systems.


China pushes for 5 million EVs by 2020

Even after only 8,159 electric vehicles were sold in the country, the Chinese government is still aggressively pushing for the production and sale of electric and other new-energy vehicles in the country, with a target of 5 million by 2020.


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