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Green Transportation

China pushes for 5 million EVs by 2020

Even after only 8,159 electric vehicles were sold in the country, the Chinese government is still aggressively pushing for the production and sale of electric and other new-energy vehicles in the country, with a target of 5 million by 2020.


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Obama might miss 2015 EV target, but sales will grow – report

While United States President Barack Obama's target of 1 million electric vehicles by 2015 could fall short, a Pike Research report predicts sales would ramp up at the second half of this decade, reaching 1.7 million in 2020. The research firm says only around 410,000 plug-in electric vehicles will be sold between 2011 and 2015 in the United States, and the 1 million mark will only be reached by 2018.


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High-traffic areas in New York to have EV charging stations

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority awarded funding for electric vehicle charging service provider CarCharging to supply, deploy and install EV charging stations throughout New York City. The fund is part of the agency’s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Demonstration Program, a $4.4 million program spread across 10 companies, municipalities, and transport agencies to deploy 325 charging stations in the state of New York.


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Electric taxi, bus markets to grow 870% in next decade – study

The market for electric buses and taxis will rise 870 percent from 2012 to 2022, reaching $60 billion, according to a report from IDTechEx Ltd. This is due to the government incentives, return of investment, and new technology, added to the growing number of hybrid and all-electric consumer vehicles.


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Eight people receive keys to Tesla’s first Model S vehicles

Tesla’s first few Model S sedans have started rolling out of the company’s factory on Friday. Eight people received the keys to their new Model S vehicles in an invitation-only ceremony at the company’s Fremont, California facility. At the same event, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk announced plans to roll out 5,000 units of the model by the end of the year, plus 20,000 more in 2013.


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Utah to deploy electric pick-up trucks

Utah Governor Gary Herbert, together with state-based electric vehicle manufacturer VIA Motors and utility company Rocky Mountain Power, announced a new project that will deploy electric pick-up trucks in the state in an effort to reduce its carbon emissions. When the project gets implemented, Utah will become the first state in the United States to demonstrate electric pick-up trucks that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while providing clean tech jobs and cheap energy for its citizens, said the governor.


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‘Green’ jet fuel flies aviation official to Rio+20

Honeywell Green Jet Fuel, produced from inedible plant oil and used cooking oil, powered delegate flights to the Rio+20 United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. UOP L.L.C., a subsidiary of Honeywell, participated in the project led by the International Civil Aviation Organization. ICAO secretary general Raymond Benjamin flew to Brazil on two flights using a 50/50 blend of regular jet fuel and biofuel.


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EV batteries recycling will go mainstream in the future – research

While the United States currently has a relatively low volume of discarded hybrid and electric vehicle batteries, a report from indicates that recycling those batteries could reduce prices of new vehicles in the future. “Over the long term, recycling will play an important role in reducing the costs of hybrids and EV’s,” says green car analyst John O’Dell.


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Hybrid car leads Le Mans endurance race

Audi's hybrid R18 E-Tron Quattro won the 80th Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race held from June 16 to June 17 this year, becoming the first ever hybrid-powered vehicle to win the auto racing marathon. The German carmaker has won the 24-hour long sports car race 11 times since 2000, with two of its E-Trons finishing first and second this year. Its non-hybrid diesel-powered counterpart – the R18 Ultra – finished third place.


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Growth Energy to provide ethanol station locator

United States-based ethanol advocate Growth Energy will be launching a mapping feature and smart phone application to enable drivers to easily locate nearby ethanol pumps. The application will cater to drivers of “Flex Fuel” vehicles which use a blend of gasoline and ethanol for lower-emission driving.


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