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Green Transportation

Asia-Pacific agrees to have greener skies

The Asia-Pacific aviation industry has recently agreed on three ambitious targets to cut down carbon emissions and reduce the industry’s impact on the climate


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Chevy Tahoe upfitted with hybrid system

With most of upcoming hybrid car models scheduled for release in the market next year, car technology developers are racing to satisfy consumers’ growing interest in fuel economy and efficiency


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Salt-loving plants for renewable jet fuel to be studied

Boeing and Universal Oil Products are eyeing a “promising” source of biodiesel that can be a second-generation alternative fuel for the aviation industry


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Green Corvette runs for testing

The Corvette, the Chevrolet-made sports car, was recently upfitted with a green interactive hybrid system by Neohydro Technologies Corp. for test-driving by Corvette Magazine


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U.S. primed for largest deployment of green cars

The Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation and the Energy Department finally sealed a $ 99.8 million deal on Thursday that would herald the largest deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure networks in the United States


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Two electric vehicle facilities to go up in Pennsylvania

South Korean electric car manufacturer CT&T will open two production and distribution facilities in Philadelphia, the largest city in Pennsylvania, that would produce cheap neighborhood electric vehicles


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Aviation industry sets ambitious goals for carbon cuts

The global airline industry called on world leaders to retain a sectoral approach to reducing aviation emissions as the deadline for climate change negotiations looms


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Solar LED lighting for public bus stops developed

A solar-powered light emitting diode (LED) lighting system for bus stops was launched yesterday by Canada-based solar lighting developer Urban Solar Corporation. Called the PV-Stop lighting system, the technology was designed specifically for the public transit industry.


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Cummins presents hybrid bus in China to visiting Indiana Gov. Daniels

Cummins, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of engines and related technologies, showcased its clean hybrid bus developed for the Hangzhou Public Transit Group (HZPT) to an Indiana delegation led by Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who was on a six-day visit to China. Joining


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Coulomb EV charging stations installed for German utility

Coulomb Technologies yesterday announced the first installation of their ChargePoint networked charging stations in Germany. Being installed by distribution partner 365 Energy Group, the stations are expected to allow for future electric vehicles to be easily “fuelled” in the Ruhr


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