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Network of E.V. chargers to span Dutch highways

Network of E.V. chargers to span Dutch highways
Fastned charging stations, equipped with solar canopies and fast chargers from ABB, will be available every 50 kilometers along the Dutch highways. Photo from ABB and Fastned.

More than 200 electric vehicle fast-charging stations will make up a nationwide network that will span the Dutch highways.

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The Netherlands is looking to have the world’s largest nationwide network of E.V. chargers, with one available within 50 kilometers of all of the country’s 16.7 million inhabitants.

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Dutch start-up Fastned conceived the plan to have an E.V. charging network along Dutch highways in 2011. The Ministry of Infrastructure granted permission for the network and announced a public-tender process to facilitate the deployment of charging facilities at the 245 service stations.

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To date, the Netherlands is the most populous country to roll out a nationwide fast charging network. The network will be capable of serving E.V.s offered by all major car brands from Europe, Asia and the United States.

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“This countrywide network of locations will lay the basis for the commercially viable development of e-mobility,” said Bart Lubbers, one of Fastned’s founders. “I foresee a race towards faster charging and larger batteries throughout the car industry.”

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Fastned has concessions for 201 locations along this proposed charging network. They have selected Swiss power and automation technology group ABB to supply the chargers.

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Fastned stations are also equipped with solar canopies which will provide clean power for charging.

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The stations along the Dutch highways will be equipped with several multi-standard fast charger models from ABB. ABB will be supplying their 50 kilowatt Terra 52 and Terra 53 models which are capable of charging electric vehicles in 15 to 30 minutes.

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The first of the chargers are due to be delivered in September 2013 and construction of the Fastned stations is expected to be completed by 2015. – EcoSeed Staff

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