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Green Transportation

Inner city electric buses to be developed in Sichuan province

Electric vehicle technology developer Balqon Corporation and Chinese vehicle manufacturer Sichuan Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. have signed a joint development agreement for inner city electric buses.

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Under the terms of the agreement, Balqon’s proprietary electronic drive system will be purchased and integrated into a 22-foot bus chassis.

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“With the recent introduction of electric taxis in Sichuan Province, we have been leading the effort in design and development of electric passenger vehicles in West China,” said Mr. Cao Guodong, president of Sichuan Automobile Industry CO. Ltd.

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“This agreement with Balqon Corporation allows us to leverage their experience and technical expertise in the heavy duty truck and electric bus market,” he added.

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S.A.I.G. is a subsidiary of Fulin Group which owns and operates over 5,000 diesel inner city buses in West China and has recently received several grants from the Chinese government to produce low emission vehicles.

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“The increased rate of urbanization in China has led to renewed emphasis on reducing air pollution resulting from diesel powered buses in the urban centers throughout China,” said Balwinder Samra, chief executive officer and president of Balqon Corporation.

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The California-based Balqon is a developer of zero-emissions electric drive systems, lithium battery storage systems and medium to heavy-duty electric vehicles.

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Aside from its electric drive system, Balqon will be providing S.A.I.B. with its proprietary Zevqon Flux Vector AC controller and Hiqap high-energy lithium batteries. Both companies will provide engineering resources for integration, testing and certification of the electric buses for on-road use in China and North America. – EcoSeed Staff

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