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Ford, Renault-Nissan and Daimler partner to boost fuel cell vehicle technology

Ford, Renault-Nissan and Daimler partner to boost fuel cell vehicle technology
(Left to right) Ford Group Vice President Raj Nair, Daimler AG Member of the Board of Management Prof. Thomas Weber, and Nissan Member of the Board of Directors and Executive Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita (Photo from Renault-Nissan’s blog)

Ford, Renault-Nissan and Daimler AG have teamed up to accelerate the commercialization of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles.

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Under a three-way agreement, the automakers aim to launch the “world’s first affordable, mass-market fuel cell electric vehicles” by 2017.

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They plan to come up with a common fuel cell stack and fuel cell system that each company can use to power their own fuel cell electric vehicles.

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“Working together will significantly help speed this technology to market at a more affordable cost to our customers,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product Development, Ford Motor Company. “We will all benefit from this relationship as the resulting solution will be better than any one company working alone.”

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F.C.E.V.s generate power from a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. They only emit water vapor and heat as byproducts (see related story).

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Mitsuhiko Yamashita, member of the Board of Directors and Executive Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., supervising Research and Development, said that F.C.E.V.s are the next step to match today’s battery-operated E.V.s as the industry embraces more sustainable transportation.

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“We look forward to a future where we can answer many customer needs by adding F.C.E.V.s on top of battery E.V.s within the zero-emission lineup,” he added.

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The car giants, who have over 60 years of cumulative experience developing F.C.E.V.s, said the engineering work will be done at their several facilities across the world. They are also studying co-develop of other F.C.E.V. components to generate further synergies.

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According to them, the strategic alliance will help define specifications and component standards worldwide, a precursor for achieving higher economies of scale. It also sends a clear signal to suppliers, policymakers and the industry to promote further development of hydrogen refuelling stations and other infrastructure needed to facilitate the mass marketing of vehicles.

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“We are convinced that fuel cell vehicles will play a central role for zero-emission mobility in the future. Thanks to the high commitment of all three partners we can put fuel cell e-mobility on a broader basis. This means with this cooperation we will make this technology available for many customers around the globe,” said Prof. Thomas Weber, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. – EcoSeed Staff

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