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Electric locomotive gets a boost in battery power – Penn State

Electric locomotive gets a boost in battery power – Penn State
Norfolk Southern operates 21,000 route-miles in 22 states. (Photo courtesy of Michael Bezilla)

The first all-electric, battery-powered locomotive in the United States is looking at a boost in performance after researchers from Penn State devised a new way to decrease sulfation damage in its rechargeable batteries.

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The researchers were able to increase battery cell capacity by 41 percent and overall battery capacity by 30 percent.

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The Norfolk Southern 999 of the Norfolk Southern Corporation is a prototype 1,500 horsepower electric locomotive that entirely runs on rechargeable batteries. It uses a lead-acid energy storage system comprised of 1,080 rechargeable 12-volt batteries for zero exhaust emission transportation (see related story).

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Damage incurred during charging and recharging affects battery life. A leading cause of damage in these lead-acid batteries is sulfation, an accumulation of lead sulfate in the battery.

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Penn State mechanical engineering professor Christopher Rahn and his team set out to study and answer the problem of sulfation in the locomotives batteries.

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For three months, Mr. Rahn and mechanical engineering research assistants Ying Shi and Christopher Ferone, cycled a lead-acid battery. Using electroimpedance spectroscopy, they were able to identify sulfation in one of six battery cells. They then designed a charging algorithm that could charge the battery and reduce sulfation. This successfully revived the dead cell and increased overall capacity.

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They are now developing alternative models to allow charging right up to, but not past, the point in which sulfation begins, with an attempt to develop a way to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

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Norfolk Southern originally partnered with the Department of Energy to develop the NS 999 in 2008. This most recent study was also funded by the D.O.E. – EcoSeed Staff

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