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Green Transportation

British Airways commits to buying biofuel from GreenSky London project

British Airways will buy over $500 million worth of aviation biofuels for ten years from the low-carbon jet fuel production project GreenSky London. The British Airways’s agreement represents the largest advanced biofuel commitment made by an airline and is part of its drive to lower its carbon emissions.

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“Our GreenSky London project will provide clean, sustainable fuels at market competitive prices that will help address British Airways’ sustainability goals,” said Rober Do, president and chief executive officer of Solena.

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GreenSky London is a joint development of British Airways and the American bioenergy group Solena. The two have been working together since 2009 to build what will be Europe’s first sustainable jet fuel production plant in London.

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The facility will annually convert around 500,000 tons of locally sourced waste that would otherwise go into landfills into 50,000 tons of sustainable aviation biofuel and 50,000 tons of bionaphtha and biodiesel.

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Work on the facility has begun and it is expected to be operational by 2015. Construction is expected to create 1000 jobs while 150 jobs will be created upon start of operations.

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GreenSky London will use Solena’s high temperature gasification technology to produce a synthesis gas which will then be cleaned and converted into liquid hydrocarbons using Fischer-Tropsch reactors.

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The Fischer-Tropsch reactors will be provided by Oxford Catalysts. Solena and Oxford Catalysts entered into an agreement in June of this year by which Oxford Catalysts will be supplying FT units to all of Solena’s future biomass to liquids projects. – EcoSeed Staff

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