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Green Transportation

I.E.A. report says fuel efficiency efforts still promising

The International Energy Agency released a 40-year roadmap toward improving the fuel efficiency of road vehicles by 50 percent through “the right policies and technology,” aiming to save as much as four-fifths of current annual global oil consumption.

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The agency says there is massive potential for fuel efficiency improvements that could reduce demand for transport fuel, which accounts for a fifth of global final energy consumption and is continuing to grow.

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The two reports that comprise the roadmap indicate how the world could stabilize demand for oil even if the number of road vehicles doubled by 2050.

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“Tackling road transport energy use is vital to enhancing energy security and reducing carbon dioxide emissions globally,” said I.E.A. deputy executive director Richard Jones. He adds that because conventional combustion engine vehicles are set to “be around for a long time,” the right policy mixes should include making the demand for energy from road vehicles sustainable.

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The reports detailed the technologies needed to create a more efficient road vehicle stock in 2030 like high-pressure fuel injection systems and policy packages that include fuel economy labeling, standards and fiscal measures.

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“With the right policies, countries can use available, cost-effective technologies to greatly improve the fuel economy of road vehicles over the next 10 to 20 years, and at the same time save billions of U.S. dollars in fuel costs,” the agency said.

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They add though that governments have to act quickly, with the new version of the IEA’s "fuel-economy readiness" index. It measures how far countries have implemented steps to fully exploit the potential of existing fuel economy technologies and maximize their use in vehicles.

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“Very few [countries] have all the pieces in place to capitalize on the full potential of fuel economy improvements that could be achieved in the coming two decades,” they said. – EcoSeed Staff

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