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Green Transportation

Better Place opens charging station for electric taxis in Amsterdam Airport

The Better Place Consortium announced that they will be advancing their electric vehicle network solution by way of the launch of a marque E.V. taxi project at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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The project consortium, “Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles,” was awarded last year as the first decarbonization infrastructure project co-financed by the European Union’s TEN-T program.

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The Battery Switch Station was built last year in cooperation with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, and will exclusively serve Renault Fluence Z.E. EV taxis operated by Dutch taxi companies Connexxion, Bios, and TCA.

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Another Battery Switch Station in Amsterdam was announced as well, to increase the service area for the first group of electric taxis.

“The Schiphol-Amsterdam corridor is one of the most demanding routes in the world with more than 700,000 taxi trips originating from Schiphol each year,” the press release said. “Applying battery switch technology to electric taxis allows them to operate virtually around the clock without the need to stop, plug in, and charge.”

The company has already established its presence elsewhere, with its first markets in Israel and Denmark. Drivers of more than 500 Renault Fluence Z.E. electric cars with switchable batteries in the two markets have driven more than three million electric kilometers to date. – EcoSeed Staff

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