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Green Transportation

India to boost electric vehicles with $4.1 billion investment

India to boost electric vehicles with $4.1 billion investment
Motorists drive through rush hour traffic in New Delhi.

India, in a move to cut emissions from its land transportation sector, has affirmed plans to boost electric vehicles in the whole of the country over the next eight years.

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The Indian Central ministers, at the National Electric Mobility 2020 meeting, approved a grand investment of 225 billion rupees ($4.1 billion) to bolster hybrid and pure EV’s, with an aim to power up 6 million green vehicles on its road by 2020.

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The investment will also pave the way for a network of charging stations, research and development, infrastructure, financing unit for end consumers and subsidy schemes for companies, which was also approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy during the said meeting.

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The massive number of EV’s will transform both the public and private vehicle situation, over 50 percent of which would be battery-operated EV’s.

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The approval of the fund was triggered by a recent research by the government projecting that in the next eight years, there will be a demand for 5 to 7 million electricity-operated vehicles in the nation brought by the need to eradicate the staggering environmental impact of the combustion engine vehicles.

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The findings of the study also showed that these electric vehicles will help prevent consumption of 2.2 to 2.5 million tons of fossil fuels by 2020.

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While the investment is a big amount for the government to shell out, Shri Sundareshan, secretary at the Department of Heavy Industries, is positive that it will pay off, delivering $5.8 billion in return when the end date is reached.

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Commenting on the move made by India, Aditi Dass, director of technology programs at The Climate Group, said recent announcements as such pertaining to the EV industry is encouraging.

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“But the growing desire of government to switch over from fossil fuel dependence will only take us one step ahead in the clean revolution journey. Improved supplies of EV’s and the establishment of charging stations are indeed two of the bigger roadblocks, which are now being tackled by the government and thereby slowly taking the required steps to translate the Indian EV dream into reality.”

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To support the nation’s goal, vehicle manufacturers such as Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti and Tata have expressed their interest to roll out electricity-generated cars, reported The Times of India.

Meanwhile, national capital New Delhi had earlier started the initiative to adopt electric vehicles across the city. Currently, effort to install E.V. charging stations in 65 areas covered by its jurisdiction, including some major landmarks and commercial establishments, is underway.

Electric vehicles are ones that significantly convert 75 percent of the chemical energy from the batteries to run for a number of miles, whereas combustion type engines only convert 20 percent of the energy stored in fuels.

“E.V. technology presents a ready, viable and clear way to reduce our emissions,” said The Climate Group.

In a global endeavor to look for a more sustainable means of transportation, this technology is among those that are promising.

Industry analyst Pike Research reported that global market for electric drive buses will persistently grow over the next six years, with 75,000 expected to be in service worldwide by 2018. (Catherine Dominguez)

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