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Green Transportation

Low “fuel costs” lower total cost of ownership of E.V.’s – Pike

The lower “fuel cost” or cost of charging of electric vehicles gives it a lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles, according to Pike Research.

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Of the 17 vehicles tested in the study, battery electric vehicles proved to be the least costly overall in terms of total cost of ownership – also taking into account the federal tax credit available for electric vehicle purchases.

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“[Battery electric vehicles] offer higher overall fuel efficiency than conventional hybrids and low electric range plug-in hybrids,” said senior research analyst Lisa Jerram. “That’s a major reason why battery electric vehicles have been experiencing a resurgence of automaker and consumer interest over the past few years, particularly for fleet operations.”

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Compared to private consumers, fleet operators would focus more on total cost of ownership over the upfront cost – making fleets an attractive early market for electric vehicles.

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However, the cost of E.V. charging equipment is a cause for concern from fleet operators, more so then for auto manufacturers.

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Nevertheless, many fleet operators see E.V.’s as a way to streamline operational costs while reducing the environmental impact of their fleets.

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Currently, many government and utility fleets who have already adopted E.V.’s have started implementing Level 2 charging systems, which supply up to 19.2 kilowatts. – EcoSeed Staff

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