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China pushes for 5 million EVs by 2020

Even after only 8,159 electric vehicles were sold in the country, the Chinese government is still aggressively pushing for the production and sale of electric and other new-energy vehicles in the country, with a target of 5 million by 2020.

In a blueprint released by China's State Council, subsidies to customers and producers of such vehicles were outlined, largely for the purpose of easing the country's heavy dependence on imported oil, cutting emissions, and to speed up the restructuring of its automobile sector, according to a report from

It will be part of a government subsidy program announced in May, which totals 26.5 billion yuan ($4.19 billion), which also includes energy efficient household appliances aside from vehicles.

Aside from developing pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, hybrid vehicles and energy-saving combustion engine automobiles will be also put into consideration for the short term.

With the vehicles, the Chinese government expects that the average fuel consumption of all passenger vehicles made in 2015 will be reduced to 6.9 liters per 100 km and further to 5 liters per 100 km in 2020. For energy-efficient passenger vehicles, the average fuel consumption target is less than 5.9 liter per 100km in 2015 and then further down to 4.5 liters in 2020.

China remains the world's largest auto market, but sales have dipped slightly year-on-year due to a high comparison basis and surging oil prices, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. – EcoSeed Staff

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