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Green Buildings

C40, WorldGBC and the USGBC team up to boost city-led green building efforts

The World Green Building Council, the United States Green Building Council and the C40 Cities Climate Change Leadership Group, a global network of mega-cities across the world committed to act against climate change, have entered a collaboration aimed at creating a “suite” of novel green building solutions that can readily be implemented in C40 cities worldwide.

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Through the partnership, the WorldGBC and USGBC will provide the C40 cities with green building know-how on project best practices, policy development and implementation, education and training, and essential data-driven tools and resources.

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“By linking city experts with the largest network of green building professionals in the world, cities will be able to quickly develop comprehensive and customized plans for ramping up green building,” said the WorldGBC.

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“Cities around the world are leading the way in combating climate change, and one area where we’ve seen significant progress – and where there remains enormous potential – is in making buildings more energy efficient,” said C40 Chair and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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Buildings consume about 40 percent of the world’s energy and represent one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. In cities, buildings are the major greenhouse gas emitters and can account for nearly 80 percent of these harmful gases.

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According to the WorldGBC, greater efficiency in the building sector for many of the world’s cities is not only the largest opportunity to generate energy savings and greenhouse gas emissions, but also the most lucrative.

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“Greening the buildings of our world’s mega-cities presents the most significant opportunity to reduce human impacts on the environment and the atmosphere,” stressed Rick Fedrizzi, president, chief executive officer and founding chair of USGBC and current chair of the WorldGBC.

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The collaborative work will expand on existing joint efforts between the organizations, like the WorldGBC’s Sustainable Cities Initiative, a scheme that provides direct assistance from its councils to C40 cities, and will build up more participation from C40’s networks, such as Sustainable Urban Development, Cool Cities and Climate Positive Development. – EcoSeed Staff

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