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Green Buildings

Indian researchers convert waste to ‘green’ construction materials

Researchers from India's Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology have developed "green building" materials from industrial and agricultural waste from the construction sector and sugarcane bagasse.

According to The Times of India, the researchers first converted old newspaper into lightweight and energy-efficient bricks in 2010. Following the paper waste bricks, they developed similar thermally insulated bricks made out of agro-waste, sugarcane bagasse or a mixture of waste material from construction sites.

These eco-friendly bricks are only half the cost of conventional bricks. Construction projects in India reportedly face brick shortage.

The technology does not aim to replace conventional construction material, but are ideal for false ceilings and partition walls for interior designing, said co-researcher Sachin Mandavgane, associate professor of chemical engineering at the institute.

"Of the total newspaper waste generated, about 15 percent cannot be recycled again and goes as complete waste. We use this to make our bricks which are extremely lightweight, low-cost and environment-friendly," Mr. Mandavgane told The Times of India.

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology has been promoting the development of green construction technologies. It creates buildings using recycled raw materials such as fly ash bricks and hollow concrete blocks. It has also been holding forums and training programs to promote green buildings. – EcoSeed Staff

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