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Energy Efficiency

Energy department to test equipment of Maryland manufacturer

Aero Sys, Inc., a Maryland-based equipment manufacturer, has been requested to submit samples of its air conditioners and heat pumps for laboratory testing to the United States Department of Energy in line with the agency’s implementation of its energy conservation standards for appliances


Australian mining firm proposes $1.08 billion clean coal plant

Waratah Coal recently unveiled plans to build a 900-megawatt coal-fired power station in the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland worth $1.08 billion which will incorporate carbon capture and storage technologies


Swiss solar company to build green buildings with Atlanta firm

Geneva-based Kender Energy Inc. agreed on Tuesday to partner with engineering consulting firm HESM&A on developing structures that follow the LEED standard for high performance green building design


DOE awards $ 62 million for carbon capture storage research

The United States Department of Energy has awarded more than $62 million from the national fiscal stimulus package to over 50 projects expected to boost research and development on carbon capture storage


Carbon capture and storage: A basic look at “clean coal"

Clean coal is a highly debated concept. Critics go as far as calling the term an oxymoron, arguing that coal can never be clean. Still, technologies that explore the possibility of capturing carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants exist, and so do technologies on chemically


Industrial Nanotech receives orders from India for energy saving coating technology

Industrial Nanotech, Inc., a leader in nanoscience solutions, has received recent orders from India for the company’s energy saving coating technology. The company will deliver its Nansulate coatings to Ms. Kon Chem India Pvt. Ltd., a large manufacturer of concrete designer tiles


Veolia’s consulting division to conduct energy efficiency audits in New York

SourceOne, subsidiary and consulting division of sustainable energy services provider Veolia Energy North America, has entered into an agreement with the New York Power Authority (NYPA) to conduct energy efficiency audits at the facilities of NYPA electricity customers in New


Energy efficiency: Serious efforts in the “easiest” way to go green

The Kyoto Protocol and Copenhagen treaties has made the world aware about the rising cost of energy supply and had world leaders having a go at the easiest way to go green: energy efficiency. Companies wanting to go green have understandably chosen energy efficiency as


DOE to fund FutureGen's “low-emission” coal-fired power plant

The US Department of Energy (DOE) and the FutureGen Alliance have signed a cooperative agreement allowing for the continued development of a low-emission coal-fueled power plant in Mattoon, Illinois. The US $17.3-million shared-cost agreement covers preliminary design activities


Portuguese energy group expands eco-friendly LED street lighting project

Portuguese energy consortium EnergiaViva has completed installations of the Philips’ UrbanLED street light in ten Portuguese towns and cities and is aiming to finish expanding their street lighting project to 20 more surrounding municipalities by fall this year, Philips said. The project started in April when the town


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