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Energy Efficiency

Pew Center unveils new corporate energy efficiency resource

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change launched a new corporate energy efficiency web portal that features a myriad of resources designed to help businesses develop new and stronger energy efficiency strategies


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Sony opens solar-powered headquarters

Sony Electronics Inc. has opened its new headquarters in San Diego that has several green features


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Company applies for clean coal grant in New Mexico

Sithe Global Power LLC has applied for a $450 million grant under the Department of Energy's Clean Coal Power Initiative program to implement carbon capture and sequestration technology at one of its proposed coal-fired power plants in New Mexico


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Green buildings on the rise in Israel

Though more green buildings are being built across Israel, fewer people are complaining about the extra cost incurred because of them, according to the Jerusalem Post


Philips commits to energy efficiency

Royal Philips Electronics will help the World Green Building Council make cities 40 percent more energy efficient in the next 10 years through green techniques in building renovation


Carbon capture collaboration begins in Virginia

The Electric Power Research Institute, American Electric Power and Alstom will jointly validate advanced carbon dioxide capture and storage technologies geared for eventual commercial scalability


Energy department to test equipment of Maryland manufacturer

Aero Sys, Inc., a Maryland-based equipment manufacturer, has been requested to submit samples of its air conditioners and heat pumps for laboratory testing to the United States Department of Energy in line with the agency’s implementation of its energy conservation standards for appliances


Australian mining firm proposes $1.08 billion clean coal plant

Waratah Coal recently unveiled plans to build a 900-megawatt coal-fired power station in the Galilee Basin in Central Queensland worth $1.08 billion which will incorporate carbon capture and storage technologies


Swiss solar company to build green buildings with Atlanta firm

Geneva-based Kender Energy Inc. agreed on Tuesday to partner with engineering consulting firm HESM&A on developing structures that follow the LEED standard for high performance green building design


DOE awards $ 62 million for carbon capture storage research

The United States Department of Energy has awarded more than $62 million from the national fiscal stimulus package to over 50 projects expected to boost research and development on carbon capture storage


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