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Energy Efficiency

U.S. sticks Energy Star label on millionth home

Program reaches milestone with one millionth home to be built with the Energy Star label


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Renewable Funding to funnel $ 12.2 million to PACE

Renewable Funding secures $ 12.2 million financing for its Property Assessed Clean Energy programs


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Public-private sector leverage $ 785 million for energy efficiency

U.S. Energy Department gives $159 million to 41 industrial energy efficiency projects


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G.E. and BP to build cleaner coal plant in California

G.E. Energy will work with BP for a 250-megawatt combined cycle power plant in California


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British Gas kicks off energy program for low-income homes

British Gas puts up £70 million to help low-income households cut energy use and fuel bills


Finnish utilities select Siemens carbon capture technology

Siemens Energy has been selected as a carbon capture technology partner for a 565-megawatt coal-fired power plant at Pori in western Finland


Biden-backed report supports energy efficiency for middle class

United States Vice President Joe Biden has unveiled a new report that aims to help overcome barriers on fully maximizing the stimulus fund’s promotion of energy efficiency in middle-class homes and creating green jobs for middle-income families


U.S. vows to implement energy standards for appliances

To save energy for consumers and businesses, the United States Department of Energy has vowed to take new measures to strictly enforce energy efficiency standards


Coca-Cola starts building energy-saving plants across Europe

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company has opened a combined heat and power plant in Romania to cut annual carbon emissions across its operations by more than 20 percent


University students compete in building energy efficient homes

Building efficiency is increasingly becoming a major concern as residences in the United States account for 20 percent of energy use while building space in China is expected to increase over the next 15 years


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