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Energy Efficiency

N.C. State, West Virginia University build energy-saving biofilter

A new biofilter, which uses organic materials to control pollution, designed by researchers from North Carolina State University and West Virginia University could lower both the pollutant emissions and energy costs of the livestock sector.


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Doubling public transport by 2025 to save $ 140 billion – U.I.T.P.

Public transport market share must double by 2025 to save $140 billion from energy consumption while reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well, a report from a global network of public transport officials showed. The International Association of Public Transport (U.I.T.P.), based on well-documented urban economic and technological development projections and a partnership with the International Energy Agency.


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Net-zero energy buildings may reduce high energy consumption of U.S. buildings, homes – report

Pushing for the construction of more net-zero energy buildings and homes may be the key to greatly reducing the United States’ overall energy consumption. The Zero and Net-Zero Energy Buildings + Homes report by Building Design+Construction, published by Illinois-based SGC Horizon L.L.C., suggests that further developing current net-zero energy building designs and harnessing support from concerned government agencies will help address the country’s overall energy consumption.


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Sinen En-tech develops system that recycles steam by purifying it

Beijing Sinen En-tech, a developer of waste treatment technologies for industrial boiler steam system, has developed a patented technology to recycle steam while saving on water and coal. Their condensed water treatment equipment recycles an average of 100 tons of water per hour and saves 1 ton of coal per hour. This translates to a saving of up to 840,000 tons of water and 8,400 tons of coal per year.


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Cheaper L.E.D. bulbs may encourage more energy use – study

L.E.D. lights are unlikely to decrease the world’s energy consumption, researchers say


Study says technology, more than behavior, can save energy

Survey finds most Americans still cling to less effective energy efficiency behavior


China cracks down on over 2,000 polluting factories

China will close down over 2,000 energy-intensive factories to catch up on carbon reduction goals


G.E.’s new L.E.D. bulb creates new benchmark for efficient lighting

G.E. unveils new L.E.D. light bulb that can give 17 years worth of light


British companies to aid employees on energy-saving insulations

Four leading British businesses join together to offer easy insulation services for their employees’ homes


Taipei’s hotels go green

Taipei’s economic development agency has found a way to showcase its tourism industry’s green efforts


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