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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency standards for clothes washers and dishwashers set by U.S. Energy Department

The United States Department of Energy has released a set of energy efficiency standards for residential clothes washers and dishwashers that could save consumers $20 billion in energy and water costs. Clothes washers and dishwashers currently account for approximately 3 percent of residential energy use and more than 20 percent of indoor water use in homes across the U.S. 

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Demand for ‘green homes’ will drive construction market’s future – report

By 2016, “green homes” will make up 29 to 38 percent of the total construction market, bringing in $87 to $114 billion in investments. According to a report released by McGraw-Hill Construction at the National Association of Home Builders’ National Green Building Conference and Expo, the growing perception that green homes are better built and are of higher quality than traditional homes will drive market growth higher in the next five years.


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Top green building policies in California named

The U.S. Green Building Council named the Top 10 state and local green building policies in California, recognized for the way each has advanced green building practices in the state. Policies were recognized in a variety of categories, including “Most Visionary,” “Most Market Transforming” and “Best Leadership by Example.”


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Energy Star buildings across U.S. saving $2.3 billion in utility bills

The city of Los Angeles topped the list of cities with the most Energy Star-certified buildings for the fourth year in a row. By last year, L.A. had a total of 659 Energy Star rated buildings. The figures have been steadily increasing ever since the Environmental Protection Agency started compiling its list of 25 cities with the most Energy Star buildings in 2008.


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Rebates hoped to boost number of ‘green’ homes in California

Residents of Los Angeles County in California can receive up to $8,000 in rebates for energy efficiency upgrades in their homes. Homeowners can qualify for the rebates under the “Energy Upgrade California” program administered by the California Energy Commission in partnership with public and private utilities, the California Public Utilities Commission and participating counties.


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Honeywell destroying CFC inventories for carbon credits

Technology and manufacturing group Honeywell is destroying inventories of ozone-depleting refrigerants amounting to more than 125,000 emission reduction credits that it intends to sell to third parties as part of California’s greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program. The company said it had previously destroyed more than 27,000 pounds of CFC-11, a chlorofluorocarbon refrigerant, and it plans to destroy its remaining inventory of CFC-11 along with CFC-12 and R-500 refrigerants this year.


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Putting a label on energy efficiency: 20 years of ‘Energy Star’

In March, the Energy Star celebrated 20 years. It’s come a long way. The Energy Star label provides a simple way for consumers to identify energy-efficient products, and they respond to the label by choosing to buy products that will allow them to save power. Being energy-efficient is one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways for power consumers to save money according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The Energy Star program offers ways for the average American to do just that.


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Industry pledges support for White House’s ‘Green Button’ initiative

Nine major utilities and electricity suppliers, as well as 13 technology companies, committed to President Barack Obama’s “Green Button” initiative, an effort to help consumers cut on energy bills. Modeled after the “Blue Button,” which provides consumers with a one-click download of their personal health data, “Green Button” helps consumers reduce energy costs, know what is the optimal size and cost-effectiveness of solar panels in one’s house, and check the payment status of energy efficiency retrofit investments through downloading “Green Button” data.


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U.S.G.B.C. to recognize energy credits from U.K.’s Breeam

The United States Green Building Council has announced that its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Program will now recognize credits from Britain’s green rating program, the Building Research Establishment – Environmental Assessment Method or Breeam. The announcement came during a LEED International Roundtable meeting held March 16 in Paris, where leaders from across Europe convened to address regional issues in LEED for existing and historic structures in the European Union.


San Diego village earns LEED‐ND ‘Silver’ certification

The Village at Market Creek in San Diego, California, one of the area’s most innovative redevelopment efforts, has earned a “Silver” designation under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighborhood Development or LEED‐ND rating system, becoming the third project in the United States to get LEED‐ND approval. “LEED for Neighborhood Development certification provides independent, third party verification that a development's location and design meet high standards of environmentally responsible, sustainable development,” said Scot Horst, senior vice president of LEED at the United States Green Building Council.


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