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Energy Efficiency

U.S. could be 50% energy efficient -report

The Alliance to Save Energy Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy, together with the United States Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has unveiled a number of recommendations to help the U.S. double its energy efficiency by 2030.

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According to the report, doubling the nation’s energy productivity through cost-effective technologies and practices could generate over a million new jobs and reduce carbon emissions and oil imports both by one-third. Similarly, it could help average households to save $1,000 annually in utility bills and transportation costs.

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The A.S.E. Commission’s recommendations can be summed up into three overarching strategies drawing on significant investment, improved policies and consumer education.

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In unleashing investment in energy efficiency across the economy, there are more than $1 million dollars worth of cost-effective energy savings opportunities that are available in the country. However, pulling off these opportunities will need hundreds of billions of dollars.

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State policies, on the other hand, including building energy codes, regulation of utility demand-side management, and transportation and land use planning are key drivers of energy efficiency, according to the commission. Hence, modernizing these policies as well as infrastructure, through support from governments, businesses and private individuals, will significantly lead toward advanced energy efficiency in the U.S.

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Finally, these investment and policies will only make perfect sense if people are well-informed about the need for energy efficiency. Consumers, workers, business executives and government leaders have to be educated and engaged on ways on how they can help promote energy efficiency, and at the same time, how they can benefit from it.

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Based on these recommendations, the commission emphasized that policymakers and private sector have to take “immediate and concerted action” to bolster the country’s economy while consuming less energy and reducing associated costs and environmental impacts.

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“Because energy productivity gains are cost-effective, we believe these strategies can be implemented without burdensome mandates or massive government spending,” stressed the A.S.E. Commission.

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N.R.E.L. Director Dan Arvizu said the recommendations “provide a bold yet attainable roadmap” for transforming the U.S.’s energy patterns, and boosting the economy without harming the environment.

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“Perhaps the most compelling evidence that energy efficiency measures can have dramatic effects in the future is the often-overlooked fact that they already have produced so many benefits for our nation,” stated Mr. Arvizu in his testimony before the U.S. Senate Finance Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure. – EcoSeed Staff

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