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Energy Efficiency

NY State to improve energy efficiency of federal buildings by 20% through 2020

NY State to improve energy efficiency of federal buildings by 20% through 2020
Federal buildings, such as the state capital pictured above, must improve their energy efficiency

New York State agencies are directed to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings by 20 percent in the next seven years.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order to this effect on the last Friday of 2012, along with launching of the Build Smart NY initiative.

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Build Smart NY is a strategic implementation plan that will draw on state building energy data to prioritize projects that will provide the most energy savings per dollar spent.

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"Improving energy efficiency in our buildings is a smart investment in our present and future," said Governor Cuomo.

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The initiative will accelerate improvements in energy performance in federal buildings in a way in which the costs of energy saved will cover the cost of the project delivering “a financial and environmental win-win for New Yorkers,” according to Governor Cuomo.

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"Through Build Smart NY, state government can produce significant savings for New York taxpayers and generate thousands of jobs, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than eight million metric tons - which is the same as taking one million cars off the road for one year,” he said.

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The largest and the most inefficient state buildings will be dealt with first and will be subjected to overall building retrofits, including measures like new lighting fixtures and controls, heating and cooling systems, electric motors and automated energy management systems.

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The New York Power Authority has already committed $450 million in low-cost financing for Build Smart NY. The New York Energy Research and Development Authority has also expressed its support to the initiative through its comprehensive array of energy efficiency programs, which will help state agencies make informed energy decisions, as well as provide attractive financial incentives to help offset the costs of energy efficiency retrofits. – EcoSeed Staff

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