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Energy Efficiency

Hospitals cure high utility bills by using L.E.D. in their parking lots

Hospitals cure high utility bills by using L.E.D. in their parking lots
The two hospitals are now reaping results.

Two hospitals in the United States Midwest have found a cure to their lighting bills – by using L.E.D. lighting systems for their parking lots. In Canton, Ohio, Aultman Hospital spends around $1,500 a month to light their parking lot. In Michigan, Spectrum Health’s high-pressure sodium (or H.P.S.) fixtures consume millions of kilowatt-hours of energy annually.

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G.E.’s Evolve LED systems feature a low-glare optical system with an exclusive optical ring design that directs light efficiently onto the target areas, minimizing light spill.

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Aultman Hospital is one of the largest in the area. Aultman and General Electric originally tested the latter’s “Evolve” L.E.D. lighting system on the employee parking lot in 2010.

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The hospital then moved to retrofit a second, older lot that uses or H.P.S. fixtures with the Evolve lights.

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The retrofit saw thirty-two Evolve lights doing the job previously done by 52 H.P.S. fixtures, not just for energy savings but for improved security as well.

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Aultman has since replaced all strip lighting in the lower level of its 250,000 square-foot garage with L.E.D. fixtures. A parking deck project set to conclude later this year will use more than 120 Evolve lights on its first and second tiers, with more than 60 more illuminating the open rooftop.

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Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids is one of the state’s largest nonprofit health systems providers. It comprises nine hospitals and 190 service sites.

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At its main facility, Spectrum retrofitted 1.25 million square feet of parking garage space and more than 3,500 parking spaces with 1,500 G.E. Evolve LED Garage Light fixtures.


The two hospitals are now reaping results. From $1,500 a month, Aultman’s utility bill for the lot has fallen to $400. Overall, they are looking at a $13,000 annual energy cost savings from the use of the Evolve LED Area Lights on their parking lot and parking deck.

“We’ve had such success with [the] lighting systems that as we move forward renovating parking lots or looking at buildings, the Evolve LED is the new standard for the Aultman campus,” said Betsy Pooley, director of building services for Aultman.

Meanwhile, combining the energy savings with savings in maintenance expenses, the upgraded facility will save Spectrum around $170,000 annually. The G.E. L.E.D.’s replaced older H.P.S. fixtures for an estimated 67 percent energy reduction or 1.6 million kilowatt-hours of energy savings annually.

Brighter, too

“With the old fixtures, you had a blob of light, but then you’d go two parking spaces over and it was dark,” said Ms. Pooley.

According to Ms. Pooley, the switch from H.P.S. to L.E.D. made a dramatic difference, allowing even the security cameras to better make out the color of a car or even read a license plate.

Currently, the L.E.D.’s installed in the lot have been in service for two years without need for replacement. The estimated service life for Evolve fixtures is 10 years. – EcoSeed Staff

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