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Living Green

Oklahoma college receives energy leadership award

After three renovations, Oklahoma City Community College recently improved energy use of the facility, earning the school a Trane Energy Efficiency Award for energy leadership, which will be presented July 17.


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Interact Holdings for solar-powered monitoring stations

Interact Holdings Group has announced that it is in discussions to build Solar Powered Wireless Monitoring Stations.


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US lithium-ion battery firm to supply Volvo’s hybrid test

An American company’s battery system will supply power to a major effort by car maker Volvo to develop hybrid cars planned to be out in 2012.


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Lambeth prevents greenhouse gases by recycling food waste

Lambeth in London, UK has found a new way to protect the environment and at the same time prevent paying fines in the future: the proper disposal of food wastes.

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OSRAM Ultra Life headlamps minimize waste

OSRAM Ultra Life headlamps have long life and a three-year guarantee. The lamps are especially suited for long-distance drivers and vehicle owners whose headlamps and lights are difficult to access.

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Homeless shelter powers own electricity

Riverside Emergency Shelter has found a way to cut down on electricity costs so that the money saved on electricity can be used for improving the shelter.

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Croydon’s girls-only school acquires sustainability

Croydon in South London takes a step to sustainability as Virgo Fidelis, a secondary girls-only school in Upper Norwood becomes the first to incorporate wind turbines.


Scientist increase storage capacity of hard disks

Scientists from the UK and Austria are working on increasing the natural limit of the number of basic units of information storage and communication or bits per square inch in hard disks while decreasing energy use.


Maryhill Museum first to make money from wind farm lease

Maryhill Museum of Art recently gained acclaim for being the first in the US to make money through wind farm leasing. The Cannon Power Group plans to create one of the country’s biggest wind farms next year, powering 250,000 households annually.


Mozambique: refinery to produce jatropha, sunflower biofuel

A biofuel refinery is being planned for development in the Buzi district of Sofala province in Mozambique within the next ten years. At least €100,000 annually is needed to fund the project. Galpbuzi, a consortium made up of the Buzi Company of Mozambique and Galpenergia of Portugal will be the developer.


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