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Living Green

Walcotts turn Fairhope market green

As the demand for LEED and Energy Star buildings rise, more homeowners start to request for a sustainable building design. But what if a new building is not in your budget? How can your plans of being sustainable become reality?


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Zero-carbon straw house to be built at University of Bath

Researchers at the University of Bath are studying straw as a potential eco-friendly building material. The “BaleHaus” is a project of the University’s BRE Center for Innovative Construction Materials in their continued research into low carbon alternatives to current building materials.


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Study shows Beijing’s air cleared after 2008 Olympics

The efforts extended by the Chinese government during the 2008 Beijing Olympics to clean the air could be adopted to long-term sustainable emission controls for the rest of the country.


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Californians' global warming concern cools: poll

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The tough economy has undermined the environmental enthusiasm of Californians, hitting the U.S. state that pioneered climate change legislation just as the federal government is taking on the issue, a survey showed on Wednesday.


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Basque study: media presents doomsday scenarios on environment

When addressing environmental issues, the media tends to present doomsday scenarios. This is the finding of a study undertaken by researchers from the University of the Basque Country (UBC).


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Philadelphia lessens trash the solar way, saves $ 875,000

Translating to an estimated annual savings of $875,000, Philadelphia’s decision to invest in solar-powered trash compactors has resulted in reducing the task of emptying trash to five times a week from its original 19 times for the regular trash bins.


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CAS Financial Advisory Services: tool for green buildings

CAS Financial Advisory Services (CAS FAS) has finally launched its Green Capital Needs Assessment (CNA), the first product that meets the green planning needs of owners and managers of residential buildings.


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Ford announces two hybrids for 2010

Ford Motor Company this week announced its lineup of cars for the 2010 model year, which includes two hybrid vehicle models.


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First solar heat pump equivalent to planting 7 trees

Absolute Zero, the leading-edge air conditioning, heating, and electrical company that sells, services, maintains, and repairs HVAC systems yesterday l[July 22] launched an energy-efficient solar heat pump called the Lennox SunSource.


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New World Home launches Georgia’s first green home

New World Home, a designer and builder which merges traditional home design with next generation green technologies and highly efficient modular manufacturing methodologies representing the advent of the New Old Green Modular® (NOGM®) home, recently launched Georgia’s first LEED® Platinum certified home.


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