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Living Green

Team-up prepares for Chinese eco-city

Shenyang is bound for a green makeover with an upcoming collaboration among its local government, IBM and China's Northeastern University to create a “smart city” that would improve the lives of its citizens while being environmentally friendly


UNEP’s ‘champions of the earth’ to receive cash prize

The United Nations Environment Program opened nominations for its “Champions of the Earth Award,” a prize that recognizes individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to resource sustainability and environment protection


To avoid endangerment of French wine: Preserve the earth

A study made by Greenpeace found out that climate change affects vineyards and yields a less satisfactory wine as a result. The study reported that changes brought about by the increased average annual temperature in wines include taste, texture, color, aromatic expression, sugar


Japanese solar firm Kyocera uses "green curtains" to conserve energy

Japanese industrial supplier Kyocera has developed the use of trestles of morning glories and goya plants, called "green curtains,” to promote the company's eco-friendly profile. The innovation was made as part of the company’s on-going environmental protection activities.


Alternative fuels company launches home heating oil with more complete burn

Using the tagline “Don’t breathe it, burn it!,” alternative fuel and additives developer Alkane, Inc. launched its MonsterDiesel home heating oil that burns would-be soot instead of releasing it into the environment.


Research upgrades 30’s-style house with modern energy saving techniques

The University of Nottingham is in the middle of a research project seeking to apply modern energy saving techniques to a 1930’s model house.


Walcotts turn Fairhope market green

As the demand for LEED and Energy Star buildings rise, more homeowners start to request for a sustainable building design. But what if a new building is not in your budget? How can your plans of being sustainable become reality?


Zero-carbon straw house to be built at University of Bath

Researchers at the University of Bath are studying straw as a potential eco-friendly building material. The “BaleHaus” is a project of the University’s BRE Center for Innovative Construction Materials in their continued research into low carbon alternatives to current building materials.


Study shows Beijing’s air cleared after 2008 Olympics

The efforts extended by the Chinese government during the 2008 Beijing Olympics to clean the air could be adopted to long-term sustainable emission controls for the rest of the country.


Californians' global warming concern cools: poll

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The tough economy has undermined the environmental enthusiasm of Californians, hitting the U.S. state that pioneered climate change legislation just as the federal government is taking on the issue, a survey showed on Wednesday.


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