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Choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle for your pet's wellbeing

Choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle for your pet's wellbeing

By Sarah Smith

The health benefits of natural and organic products have come to the forefront of consumer consciousness in recent years, and now many are finding that those same benefits can extend to pets, as well. Fortunately, there are many eco-friendly products available today for pet owners seeking a more natural lifestyle for their companions.

Food and Treats

Shopping for eco-friendly pet food is no different from shopping for natural food for your family. The fewer the ingredients, the better the product is likely to be. However, reading labels can be a bit tricky, as brands can be advertised in ways that are misleading. Foods labeled “natural” may still contain products that are grown with pesticides, for example. Look for organic brands when possible, such as Castor and Pollux Organix or Oxbow Animal Health.


Making sure our pets are playing with safe toys is also crucial, as pets can ingest the dyes and chemicals that are contained in many products. Look for chemical-free toys with all-natural fibers like the Harry Barker Tug and Toss Rope Toy by Olive or the Simply Fido Organic Caterpillar.


As with toys, natural fibers and materials, including fillers, are key when it comes to choosing eco-friendly pet bedding. Jax and Bones fills all beds with eco-friendly fiber, and West Paw Design offers beds filled with 100% recycled materials covered in organic cotton.

Grooming and Personal Health

Pet owners will be pleased to learn that there is no shortage of eco-friendly pet grooming and health products available. Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Dog and Cat Shampoo is a cleansing option that is organic and entirely chemical-free, while ProDen Plaque Off is an all-natural dental health option that is free from dyes and preservatives. Finally, pet owners seeking treatment for a variety of skin ailments, whether hot spots, ringworm, or red mange, may wish to take advantage of Nu-Stock Topical Treatment, which contains only sulfur, pine oil, and mineral oil and has been proven quite effective.

Flea And Tick Treatment

Of course, flea and tick treatment is a major concern for most pet owners, especially when regular preventative grooming is not enough. However, most flea and tick products contain harsh chemicals and can even cause irritation to pets themselves. Wondercide Evolv Flea and Tick Treatment contains only two ingredients, organic cedar oil and hydrated silica, and not only kills fleas but also repels mosquitoes, providing the added benefit of another safeguard against the insects that transmit heartworms. For treating fleas, ticks, earwigs, and palmetto bugs that have infested pet bedding and carpets, St. Gabriel Organics Insect Dust is an effective choice, and is 90% diatomaceous earth powder and 10% other element oxides.

Committing to an Eco-Friendly Approach

Both pets and their owners benefit from all-natural pet care products. Simply be sure to ascertain precisely how much of a product is natural or recycled. Also, consider taking an extra step toward an eco-friendly lifestyle by using products made by companies that reinvest in the environment on a regular basis.

Sarah Smith is a small business owner, and is currently learning about environmental, using the internet. Aside from working on her own business, she likes to use social media, and read travel books. The photo in this article shows her own dog.

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