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Living Green

Noise pollution: Something to shout about

By Lewis Humphries

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As the citizens of Great Britain have grown increasingly aware of their environmental and social responsibilities, so too have businesses been encouraged to follow suit. As a consequence of this, commercial leaders are now far more aware of their individual carbon footprint and the impact that various types of pollution have on the well-being of the natural environment and its inhabitants.

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One of the biggest concerns in contemporary Britain is the threat posed by noise pollution, which research has linked to the onset of conditions such as hearing loss, increased stress, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue. While each individual source of noise pollution can produce dangerous levels of sound on their own, when several are gathered in a compact space they can have a significant impact on human health.

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Reducing Noise Pollution for Business Owners: 3 Practical Steps

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With this in mind, what practical steps can you take as a business owner to reduce noise pollution and fulfill your social obligations? Consider the following: -

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  • Evaluate your Business and Identify the Individual Sources of Noise Pollution: Some businesses are likely to generate more noise than others, with those that operate in the field of construction particularly susceptible to risk. Evaluating your business and its operation is the first step towards identifying any issues and the individual sources of sound pollution. This process is called a survey, and it is performed by industry experts who sample the sound waves within a specific area and determine precise decibel levels. Once these have been measured, you can isolate problem areas and look to take control.
  • Balance the Needs of Local Residents with Optimized Business Performance: With any internal issues identified, the next step is to create purposeful solutions. This process requires careful consideration, however, as any steps that you take to reduce noise pollution must not compromise the performance of your business or its everyday operation. In instances where a generator is used, for example, you should target products that deliver low levels of sound emission while also providing reliable performance and protection against vandalism. This will help to maintain both bottom line profit margins and a healthy environmental balance.
  • Focusing on Controlling your Noise Output: If you are to maintain a successful construction business, noise is a necessary and unavoidable consequence. The key is to control these levels of sound, paying particular attention to the positioning of certain machines and the times at which they are used. You may choose to restrict the use of raucous equipment such as pile-drivers to fixed daytime hours, for example, or ensure that problem devices are kept separate and not together within a single, confined space. This again helps you to strike a balance between sustaining a healthy environment and managing a productive construction business.

Lewis Humphries contributed this post on behalf of Mather and Stuart, one of the leading providers of Voltsafe generators, which are helping construction businesses nationwide to fulfill their social obligations and lower your business’ carbon footprint with their Carbon Reduction Generators.

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