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Living Green

Create your own “green” city with Plan It Green

Create your own “green” city with Plan It Green
Screenshot of Plan It Green (Photo from Plan It Green website)

Imagine you could create your own world where you could see your ideals of a liveable community come to life.

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Plan It Green: The Big Switch is a new, free online city building game that allows players to design their own virtual town and make it the greenest, and most energy efficient city in the world.

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National Geographic, General Electric and the Center for Science, a national association of leading science centers in the United States, unveiled the game on Monday as part of Connect! Transform the Future, a nationwide initiative aimed at engaging, enlightening and educating the youth about the future of energy.

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Plant It Green, which is developed by Wyse Games, challenges the designing ability of the players by making and customizing their own city.

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In the virtual metropolis, players get points and earn credits as they build houses, businesses, energy stations and community resources such as parks, bike paths, organic farms and wildlife preserves. They move forward game levels by establishing eco-friendliness, improving energy efficiency and promoting overall citizen happiness with the use of smart energy technologies.

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The game also enables players to compete with friends and other city “mayors” for the highest city rating.

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“Students learn at home and through school how important recycling and eco-friendly habits are to their environment, but Plan It Green takes these lessons a step further,” said Chris Mate, vice president of Games for National Geographic.

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“Through gameplay that is smart, fun and intuitive, players discover what it takes to build and run a community. By creating more energy-efficient neighborhoods, they reduce their town’s impact on its environment and create happier, stronger communities. In doing so, they can associate the choices they make on Plan It Green with choices they or their own communities make in their everyday lives.”

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According to the partners, the game will help raise both the understanding and awareness regarding current energy issues as the players are given the power to make better, more informed choices about the efficient use of energy.

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“In Plan It Green, we wanted to create a way for energy consumers, particularly young people, to better understand our energy system and learn what they can do to help create strong, thriving communities. Today’s young people will be tomorrow’s engineers, utility executives and energy consumers. We have a responsibility to help them create our best energy future,” said Steve Bolze, president and chief executive officer of G.E. Power & Water.

Plan It Green is part of a growing trend that utilizes digital gaming to engage players around significant social issues. As the first program of Connect! Transform the Future, the city building game will be followed by a short Digital 3D film, teacher workshops, interactive educational materials and exhibits and programs at local science centers.

Start building a green world of your own by playing the game at - EcoSeed Staff

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