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Living Green

Eco-conscious designer creates organic clothing for children

by Elias Kamal Jabbe, Founding Editor of

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LOS ANGELES — Eco-friendly Los Angeles fashion designer Marianne Broughton utilized her boutique Rêve to showcase clothes made by the organic fashion line Prairie Underground during a trunk show on March 2. The latter, based in Seattle, was co-founded by Davora Lindner and Camilla Eckersley, and has been featured at Rêve at discount prices as part of a special promotion this month. Broughton, who also sells her own children's clothing line Teres Kids and clothes made by other eco-conscious designers, said she was inspired to create organic clothing when she discovered the large amount of chemicals present in many clothes long after she launched her fashion career.

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Eco-conscious designer creates organic clothing for children
Teres Kids founder Marianne Broughton stands by a rack of Prairie Underground clothing at Rêve. Photo: Elias Kamal Jabbe

"As I educated myself on the amount of pollution created by the fashion industry, I had no choice but to change how I did business. I had to; or walk away from an industry I love. I committed myself to do my part by promoting only eco-conscious designers and using organic materials in my own line," said Broughton, who launched Rêve in the trendy Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles where several other boutiques are located.

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"It is gratifying to know I am giving my customers the best product I can. It feels really good coming to work everyday when you are doing something you believe in."

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Sustainable Style

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Rêve features not only clothes made by the nationally sold Prairie Underground, but also eco-friendly fashion lines launched by rising designers based in Los Angeles. Rêve’s featured lines include Local, Raw Earth Wild Sky and Stewart+Brown. In addition to the wide variety of men's, women's and children's clothing offered by these brands, the boutique features accessories made locally and in Asia. These diverse products complement Teres Kids, a line featuring organic fabrics that are soft enough for children that cope with eczema, SPD (sensory processing disorder) and other tactile conditions that make them sensitive.

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Conscious Community

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Eco-conscious designer creates organic clothing for children
A Teres Kids shirt for girls made of 100 percent organic cotton. Photo: Elias Kamal Jabbe

Brighton, who is part of a collective of women entrepreneurs called SMARTY and is a dual citizen of France and the US, said she thought of the name for her boutique (which means "dream" in French) while contemplating her goal of turning her eco-conscious fashion dreams into reality. She admitted that launching her boutique while staying true to her principles, at a time when eco-friendly fashion hasn't yet become as popular in the US as its mainstream counterpart, has been a challenging and rewarding experience.

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Eco-conscious designer creates organic clothing for children
Shoppers at Rêve are reminded about pesticides in non-organic foods thanks to Lady Bug Jane ( Photo: Elias Kamal Jabbe

"The philosophy behind the tag line for 'Rêve...join the revolution' isn't only a sustainable revolution, but one of just trying to be nice. Try to leave a space you were in better than when you entered it," said Brighton, who is preparing for a fundraising party at Rêve on March 16 that will offer customized Teres Kids shirts featuring artwork by artist Tania Fischer and aims to give 30 percent of proceeds to nonprofit environmental organization Heal The Bay. The latter, launched in 1985, has helped conscious Californians improve their environment by participating in activities like cleaning up the many Southern California beaches that lay on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

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"That is what organizations like Heal the Bay do. That is what artists, designers, and poets do; I want them to utilize this space to show their work. We'll take these opportunities to raise money for hardworking organizations....And have fun!"

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Elias Kamal Jabbe is a Los Angeles-based journalist and PR Specialist and the Founder of Multicultural Matters, an online news publication which promotes cultural discovery, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Feel free to connect with Elias via LinkedIn or

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