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Shower nozzle uses air for water-savings

Shower nozzle uses air for water-savings
The nozzle can be fit to most existing shower heads. Photo from CSIRO

An “air shower” developed at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization allows one to take long leisurely showers without worrying about wasting too much water.

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The new Oxijet shower nozzle, developed by New Zealand company Felton in collaboration with CSIRO, uses up to 50 percent less water than a full flow shower.

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According to Dr. Jie Wu, a fluids specialist at CSIRO, the Oxijet nozzle differs from traditional “low flow” devices by adding air to the flow of water instead of reducing it.

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“Traditional flow restrictors reduce flow and pressure, whereas Oxijet used the flow energy to draw air into the water stream, making the water droplets hollow,” explained Dr. Wu.

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The hollowness of the water droplets expands the volume of the shower stream allowing for a strong flow using less amounts of water.

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The device was recently trailed by Novotel Northbeach in Wollongong and plans are in place to install Oxijet shower heads over the entire hotel.

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According to its general manger, Walter Immoos, the 200 room hotel uses about 10 million liters of water per year and any savings they can make in this regard is important. The devices have also been well received by the hotel’s customers.

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Australia’s states are currently under water restrictions or permanent water efficiency measures. While this has ensured that household water use is decreasing it has not stopped water prices going up, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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Oxijets developers believe that it could provide a cost effective way to reduce water consumption without effecting comfort. The device is available for purchase in Australia where it is accredited by the Australian Watermark and Water Efficiency and Labeling Standards. – EcoSeed Staff

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