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Living Green

Singapore moves forward ‘Greenprint’ initiative for eco-friendly neighborhoods

Singapore moves forward ‘Greenprint’ initiative for eco-friendly neighborhoods
An expatriate family crosses a street against the background of new apartment buildings being constructed in Singapore.

Singapore is moving along with an initiative unveiled earlier this year that the government said will bring sustainable and eco-friendly living to about 85 percent of its residents.

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Majority of Singaporeans live in apartment-type houses or flats developed and managed by the Housing Development Board. Now, with their Greenprint plan, the Housing Development Board will retrofit these existing public housing estates, transforming them into “green” living spaces.

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The pilot project of the program will include 38 blocks in Jurong East’s Yuhua community, comprising 3,194 dwelling units. Work will be carried out in phases over the next two years.

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The Greenprint plan will introduce energy and water efficiency solutions like installations of solar panels, sensor-operated light emitting diode lighting for outdoor street lamps, and a rainwater harvesting system.

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According to the Housing Development Board, these solutions for common areas could deliver annual savings amounting to $144,000.

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A Pneumatic Refuse Collection System will be installed where waste thrown will be automatically sucked through underground pipes into centralized collection areas. This will help improve hygiene and deliver better waste management.

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Currently, an average household disposes about 2.3 kilograms of waste every day, equivalent to over 7 tons of waste daily for the pilot Housing Development Board flats.

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Overall, this first project will cost around 18 million Singaporean dollars ($14.6 million), 1 million ($814,929) of which will be allotted to create a Greenprint community “test-bedding” fund that will allow residents to suggest ideas to advance “green living.”

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“Green towns need ‘green’ residents who embrace eco-friendly practices. Beyond providing the infrastructure, we hope our residents will partner us in this journey towards creating a more sustainable and livable environment,” said Cheong Koon Hean, Housing Development Board chief executive.

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Other sustainable features that will be installed across Singapore’s public housing estates include bicycling parking facilities and improved covered walkways for an integrated urban transport infrastructure; and a green home package to encourage residents to replace key electrical home appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioners and lightings with more energy efficient models. – C. Dominguez

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