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Living Green


Everybody loves spending time working and relaxing in the garden. On a warm summer’s day what better way is there to do than spend your time sitting in your garden with a good book?

But what if however, your garden could help save the environment as well as being stunningly beautiful? Here are some small and simple ways that you can help!

Tackle pests the eco way

Quite often when people find that their prized vegetables are being eaten by what we regard as pests, the result is often an angry march out to the shop to by chemicals and poisons to tackle the problem.

But have you ever thought about fighting nature with nature?

Although synthetic chemicals can indeed solve some problems in a rather quick fashion, they can also be damaging to the natural eco-system and the surrounding environment of your garden. In Canada for example weed killer is illegal in the province of Ontario.

You may therefore want to consider more organic options for tackling common pests!

Aphids for example, tend to curl, deform and eat away at leaves, though these can be easily tackled with ladybirds which can be bought from local nurseries at your local garden centre.

Similarly, instead of using pellets to kill slugs and snails, they can be fought off using ground beetles, which will protect your garden from a slime attack!

When fighting fire with fire however, creating or maintaining a healthy eco-system is imperative. You can do this by carefully thinking about the wildlife that you introduce along with constant monitoring; making sure that all is going to plan.

Invest or build an Eco Greenhouse

Eco custom built greenhouses are brilliant, not only are they good for you and your plants, but as a bonus you can even make them yourself. Like one lady in the United Kingdom who built her own greenhouse, you can build your own out of plastic bottles.

The great news is that unless there happens to be a drought at that particular time, the greenhouse pretty much waters itself thanks to the structure of the bottles.

However if you’re after a traditional greenhouse that saves on pretty much everything, Hartley Botanic’s range of English greenhouses, could well be the choice for you.


Use Eco Tools

As gardening really does come hand in hand with the environment, you will be glad to know that there are a plethora of eco-tools available for the common gardener!

As solar powered homes seem to be all the range at the moment (and rightly so), did you know that you can now buy a 19-inch solar powered lawn mower?

Powered by the energy of the sun and designed and manufactured by Sun Whisper, the lawn mower runs on the radiation omitted by our closest star and when not in use, if placed in a sunny location, the lawnmower will recharge itself; quite an innovative invention to say the least!

You can also buy eco-friendly gardening kits for children that are made from recycled milk bottle containers; themselves inhibiting no phthalates. The indoor kit, available from all major internet gardening stores, comes with three planting pots, three packs of soil, a towel and packets of basil, zinnia and sunflower seeds.

A great present for any child if you are looking to pass the gift of gardening down to your children or grandchildren!

However if you’re after a traditional greenhouse that saves on pretty much everything, Hartley Botanic’s range of English greenhouses, could well be the choice for you

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