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Yahoo Mail users consume more electricity than Gmailers

Yahoo Mail users consume more electricity than Gmailers
Of the 2.8 million households surveyed, 1.5 million used either Yahoo Mail or Gmail

Yahoo Mail users will spend $110 more on electricity than Gmail users according to Opower, an Arlington-based energy information platform for the utility sector.

On average, Opower found that Yahoo Mail users consume about 939 kilowatt hours a year, about 11 percent more than Gmail users.

The company looked at the correlation between email address and electricity usage in 2.8 million households, spread across 23 states and several distinct climate zones across the United States. Roughly 1.5 million of those households are either a Yahoo Mail or Gmail users.

According to Opower says the reason for the difference in electricity consumption between Yahoo Mail users and Gmail users is due to the users themselves.

The data indicated that Yahoo mail households are more likely to live in larger residences and use more electricity per square foot.

Gmail households tended to be located in the city, where homes are more compact and energy-efficient. Gmail users are also found to be more likely to sign up for an in-depth analysis of their home energy usage.

"Making energy consumption relevant to consumers is something that Opower strives to do every day," said Opower President Alex Laskey. "We hope that by analyzing the data that we have on over 40 million homes and providing insights about how Americans are using electricity, we can make the topic interesting and inspire people to make changes in the way they consume energy."

Opower, which started in 2007, partners with 70 utilities in the U.S. to provide a software platform that will help the consumers monitor and manage their energy consumption. – EcoSeed Staff

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