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U.S. builder introduces ‘net-zero’ high-end retirement homes

United States home builder Shea Homes is now offering "net-zero" homes in their product communities for the high-end retirement communities market.

The community developer's new offering is "SheaXero" - a "no electric bill" home that aims to achieve "net-zero" electric bills by generating as much electricity as it consumes.

It does this through a blend of energy efficiency features and a solar power system which are included in the home's purchase price.

The company worked with solar power installer SolarCity to provide the solar services for the brand.

The net-zero homes will be available to home buyers in all of Shea Homes' 10 Active Lifestyle and Trilogy communities in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada and Washington.

In addition to the solar panels SolarCity installs, the homes will feature a suite of 11 energy-saving features, including energy-efficient HVAC systems and Energy Star-labeled appliances, high-performance insulation and dual-pane, low-electricity windows.

Shea Homes said the project is one of the largest net-zero home projects in the United States.

The partnership also allows SolarCity to provide solar services to homeowners in Florida and Nevada for the first time. – EcoSeed Staff

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