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Royal Wine installs solar panels; ‘Greenest Restaurant’ named

The 150-year-old family-owned Royal Wine Corporation installed a 1.15-megawatt solar power system on the roof of its corporate headquarters and warehouse facility in Bayonne, New Jersey, which took six months to complete and is expected to provide for 65 percent of the site’s power needs.


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Better Place’s battery switching platform opens in southern China

Better Place and Chinese partner China Southern Power Grid Company (CSG) have opened an infrastructure for replenishing electric vehicles with new batteries, as the latter moves to build an extensive infrastructure network for EV’s in southern China.


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South Africa: Two 75-MW PV projects could start building next year

A150-megawatt solar photovoltaic project, part of a series of approvals made in South Africa recently, could begin construction in June next year after a consortium composed of United States and South African companies was approved by the Department of Energy.


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SolarReserve gets green light on 8-mile power line for solar plant

This article previously stated that the solar tower technology redirects the sun’s heat “on a water-filled boiler.” In fact the tower has a central receiver filled with a salt compound, not water. The Department of the Interior has approved SolarReserve L.L.C. to start laying out eight miles of transmission line to connect its 150-megawatt solar farm to California’s power grid. Rice Solar L.L.C., a subsidiary of SolarReserve, is currently building the Rice Solar Energy Project in Riverside County, Southern California to produce enough electricity for up to 112,500 homes.


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Trade panel votes 6-0 in favor of anti-dumping trade case against China

A United States trade panel thinks there is enough reason to believe that solar manufacturers in the United States have been harmed by Chinese solar cells and panels alleged to be sold at artificially lower prices in the country.


Mustang Geothermal’s explorations in Peru continue

Mustang Geothermal Corporation is expanding operations in South America with the acquisition of three more exploration concessions in southern Peru. Mustang Geothermal has been exploring at least four potential sites in the area: Banos del Inca, Paclla, Ninobamba and Condoroma.


SolarCity gets SolarStrong loan even without DOE loan guarantee

SolarCity Corporation said its $1 billion solar rooftop project is back on track, confirming it will still get a loan from Bank of America Merrill Lynch despite its failure to win a loan guarantee from the United States Department of Energy less than two months ago.


Trade war against China will hurt Arizona solar jobs – U.S. groups

A coalition composed of 25 companies which say they also represent part of the United States workforce in the solar industry is not happy with the trade complaint filed by a group of American solar companies against China, saying it will be damaging for the U.S. economy, particularly that of Arizona.


Company converts incinerator ash to construction materials

Waste recycling company IBA Green, Inc., a subsidiary of Houston-based oil and gas producer Pioneer Exploration L.L.C., said it can treat Honolulu, Hawaii’s incinerator ash and convert them into construction materials. Incinerator ash is the residue from burning coal or solid waste in the process of generating electricity. Containing heavy metals, arsenic, barium, cadmium, lead and mercury. it is toxic and poses certain stockpiling and impounding issues.


Market for energy-efficient building technologies to grow – report

As businesses and commercial developers start to feel the need to lessen the carbon footprint of their buildings, the markets for “greener” heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as light-emitting diode lighting technology, will grow.


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