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Sustainability seen as vital to growth but costly in the short term

A new survey from Accenture show that more than three quarters of businesses agree that sustainability is vital to their growth, but almost half of them say that it would reduce profit margins and result in added costs in the short term. Filled up by 250 senior executives from eight mature and emerging economies, the Accenture survey found that 78 percent say sustainability is vital to their future growth. Forty-four percent say it is critical to their business.


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U.S. smart grid market to grow 21% annually by 2020

The United States market for smart grid network management systems used in utilities is projected to grow 21percent annually from 2012-2020, according to a report from Zpryme. From $ 225 million in 2012, the U.S. smart grid network management system market is estimated to reach $1.05 billion in 2020. The cumulative total of smart grid connected devices meanwhile is estimated to grow from 65 million in 2012 to 330 million in 2020.


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RMT adds 555 MWs of wind to renewable energy portfolio

Wisconsin-based contractor RMT, Inc. is adding 555 megawatts worth of wind projects to their renewable energy portfolio in 2012. RMT, which specializes in the design and construction of wind and solar energy projects, currently has a renewable energy portfolio of around 5,000 MW.


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Phoenix extends solar financing program; eyes 1,000 installations

The city of Phoenix, Arizona is expanding its residential solar financing program with the help of a $25 million commitment from the National Bank of Arizona. The program, said to be the largest city-sponsored residential solar financing program in the United States, is entering its second phase.


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Indian PV manufacturing industry in ‘dire straits’ – report

Due to a sharp decrease in orders from Europe, the Indian photovoltaic manufacturing industry is in “dire straits” according to a report from Research and Markets. The fall in demand in the European market due to the Eurozone crisis has impacted the Indian solar panel manufacturing industry, as they have almost entirely relied on them for business so far, says the report.


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Are Hydrogen-Powered Cars the Future?

It’s an exciting time for the automotive industry. After 100 years of dominance, gasoline is closer than ever to being replaced by an alternative fuel – we just don’t know which one that will be. Electric cars are being developed by a few manufacturers, but the technology is impeded by the limitations of lithium battery technology.


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Market for energy efficient homes to reach $84 billion by 2020

Construction of new energy efficient homes and retrofits of existing buildings will increase to produce nearly 120 billion square feet of energy-efficient residential space with an annual market value of $84 billion by 2020, according to a report from Pike Research. The report indicates that the rise of total residential energy consumption, the growing demand on power infrastructure, and concern over its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions have triggered a growth of interest in energy efficient homes.


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Kyocera to provide loans, lease options in solar financing program

Solar panel manufacturer Kyocera Solar, Inc. has launched Kyocera Solar Finance, a program designed to provide loan and lease options to consumers seeking light commercial and mid-to-large commercial solar installations. In partnership with De Lage Landen Financial Services, Inc., the program will be offering up to 100 percent financing for qualified borrowers.

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Ormat sees $8 million profit for first quarter

Geothermal company Ormat Technologies started out 2012 with a net income of $8 million. From January to March 2012, Ormat’s total revenue was at $132.4 million, an increase of 35 percent from the $97.82 million the company had for the same time period in 2011. The bulk of this revenue came from the company’s electricity generation sector with $82.3 million, a 5.1 percent increase from last year’s $78.3 million. Product revenues also increased to $50.1 million from last year’s $19.6 million.


‘A.T.M.’ machine for recycling used gadgets gain in Series B

A San Diego startup that came out with an easy way for consumers to discard their old electronic gadgets closed its Series B investment round with approximately $17 million. EcoATM is just like a regular A.T.M. machine that churns out cash – but only in exchange for old mobile phones and other electronic gadgets for recycling.


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